What can I put my Camping Stove On?

What can i put my camping stove on ? Camping is one of the most favorite activities of many travelers around the world. Those who are well aware of setting up and living in a camp knows how important it is to carry a camping stove with them. 


A camping stove is capable of reaching a wide range of temperatures. The majority of them are available in kerosene, propane, and butane. Unfortunately, although most stoves are designed to centralize, there is no such thing as safe when dealing with fire. Fire is always considered dangerous, no matter how carefully you handle it.

Items to Place the Stove On

There might not be exact information about all the materials that may be appropriate to be used to place the stove on them. But there are some safest things in the market to put your camp stove on. Each burner is unique and so might require a different base to be placed on. These camp stoves, regardless of how safe they are, you’ll want to keep track of it.

1. Gridmann Pro Mats of Silicon

Gridmann Pro Silicone Mats are very easy to clean and store because they can roll up. This mat can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The most prominent feature about this is that two of them come in a bag and can be rolled up to fit into your hiking backpack. 

You can easily fit the mat in your bag and carry it along wherever to plan to stay for a while. These are also nonstick, so the mess will be simple to clean up if a boilover occurs. They’re designed for baking at home, but they’re also great for grilling. These amazing mats ensure a perfect camping experience.

2. Vbenlem Kitchen Set

The Vbenlem kitchen has all of the features of the Coleman kitchen but in a more upgraded package. This is a full outdoor cooking set that is larger and more comprehensive than the Coleman model. In addition, it includes an aluminum frame and a fiberboard top that makes it suitable for almost any stove. 

Frames with an aluminum base can easily last many years and are significantly less likely to be damaged. The greatest disadvantage is that it is on the pricey side for outdoor tables. Nevertheless, this kitchen set is a perfect choice for your outdoor cooking experience.

3. Lifetime Height Adjustable Table for Camping

This is a simple yet beneficial table that has multiple purposes. This table appears and folds like a regular Lifetime table, but it can also be adjusted for standing. That’s why it’s ideal for camping because you can cook food easily. The table’s top is sturdy and will clean up quickly if you spill anything on it. It is not as sturdy as the aluminum tops, but it is safe to use a stove on this table.

4. Winnerwell Fireproof Mats

Because of the extreme heat, Winnerwell mats are suggested for wood stoves. This mat was designed specifically for indoor or outdoor camping. It is a perfect choice to shield a surface from the heat of a wood camping stove.

5. Heavy Foil

Using some foil, folding it a few times, and then placing it under the camping stove. It could be the simplest and most cost-effective method. You probably already have some on hand in your kitchen. Under a stove, a thin layer of insulation will provide some safety and peace of mind. The foil being light in weight, can be easily carried along anywhere you want to travel. Just keep a foil roll in your bag and use it as insulation whenever you want.


1. Is it Possible to Use a Camping Stove Indoors?

If we talk about possibility, then yes, it can be used indoors, but several measures need to be taken before attempting this. First, it is very important to have the required amount of experience with a camp stove. 

2. Is it possible to keep the gas stove on the hardwood table?

The stove should always be positioned on a table or slab at a reasonable height to cook while standing is possible. Do not use a table with a wooden top. If the table is made of wood, cover it with an aluminum sheet and lay the stove on top.

3. Is it possible to use a butane stove inside the house?

Butane is a highly flammable gas. When this gas is burnt, it creates carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Therefore, a butane burner can be used inside the house for as long as appropriate ventilation is provided. Because if the room is not ventilated, it might fill the room with toxic gas and can ultimately be hazardous.

4. What should I set my camp stove on?

Place your camp stove on a flat and level surface that is free of combustible materials. In windy areas, a portable windscreen can assist in keeping your stove lit.

5. What kind of material do you use to put behind a stove?

Many materials work great behind the stove. Granite, stone, and other natural or composite materials and stainless steel are widely utilized in back-splashes. These higher-end materials will increase your budget, but they will also give you a long-lasting back.

6. Do I need something under my wood stove?

To secure the house and also your family from the extreme heat and burning flames, wood stoves require a heat-resistant mat underneath them. The pad must extend for at least 18 inches afar the sides of the stove, but it can be checked if the mat is of perfect size.

Final Verdict

It is usually preferable to be safe than sorry. You’ll have a better time camping, hiking, or backpacking if you’re well-prepared. Many individuals are hesitant to go camping with their friends and families because of any bad past incident. 

However, if you take care of necessities while you are away from home, which includes food and shelter, the idea of camping isn’t all bad. It is wise to plan ahead of time to have the best experience possible while only remembering the beauty around you.

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