ULA Fastpack Review

Travelling is one of the great opportunities to relieve your stress. That allows us to explore the unique way of life of different communities. Having a traveling bag can make traveling much more convenient and fun for you. A backpack allows you to travel with comfort by keeping their belongings in an organized and safe place.

ULA is a well-known company for its quality traveling backpacks. Their new ULA Fastpack is built to provide comfort and versatility to the user. ULA Fastpack comes with many unique features and specs. We are going to discuss ULA Fastpack in detail to provide you all the information you need about this quality product.

ULA Fastpack Review

ULA Fastpack


  • Easy to access pockets
  • Light-weight
  • Convenient 
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable


  • Not ideal for runners or joggers

The ULA Fastpack is a lightweight, long-lasting, and water-resistant backpack designed for comfort and mobility. The key feature of this ultra-light backpack is that it has a shoulder harness that provides excellent stability, simultaneously providing very easy access to extra storage.

This Fastpack is rimless, which keeps the weight low. Without a load transfer system, it can carry up to 10-12 lbs. of luggage. In addition, this backpack is a real challenge for beginners as it has a unique feature of ultra-light packaging.

The price of and quality of this product is difficult to match. This bag is ideal for short trips or day hikes. You can also use this bag for normal traveling. The flexibility furnished by this backpack is not seen in any other product.

As this Fastpack is a frameless bag, it suits well for air travel as it easily passes through airport security. You can load it with all your essentials like a laptop, chargers, snacks, clothes and take them wherever you go. 

More to it, this Fastpack comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is 100% free from manufactural defects, which ensures the durability of this bag. ULA Fastpack can withstand all harsh weather conditions. The performance and durability make this bag stand out the most. 

This bag further includes one main compartment and about two to three mesh pockets constructed outside the bag. Additionally, ULA Fastpack has a very low-weight compression and roll-top closure that helps to organize your items.

The ULA Fastpack comes in an affordable price range. People who are looking for an ultra-light bag should consider ULA Fastpack. It gives you the comfort and convenience you need when you go hiking or camping.


  • Durability: ULA Fastpack is super durable compared to other brand products
  • Convenience: this bag offers you the comfort and convenience you need when you go hiking or camping or on a one-day trip.
  • Lightweight:  ULA Fastpack is super light and comfortable to carry. It doesn’t add much weight to the person carrying it. 
  • Water-resistant: this backpack is water-resistant; it performs well in harsh weather conditions.

Expert Reviews

The ULA Fastpack is a lightweight, long-lasting, and water-resistant backpack designed for comfort and mobility. We highly recommend this product.

Benefits of buying ULA Fastpack

If you’re going to buy a backpack, you should go for the best one at the best price available. Unlike other backpacks out there, ULA FASTPACK provides everything that should be compulsory in the backpacks.

  • High-Quality and long-lasting material 

  1. The ULA FASTPACK consists of a very high-quality material that you will not find in every other brand out there. The better the quality, the better your journey is going to be. You can pack anything in your ULA FASTPACK and forget about it. 
  2. There is nothing that this backpack cannot carry. Unlike other backpacks, this backpack has the quality that will last forever without causing any trouble for you at all. As the material is all about strength, this company never compromised on the quality factor of its products.
  • A lightweight backpack to provide comfort

  1. Having a high built quality in backpacks, the material used in ULA FASTPACK is very lightweight. The weight of this backpack is minimum so that you don’t feel anything extra weight on your back. There is no comfort in carrying heavy weights unnecessarily. You can rely on ULA FASTPACK for being so lightweight and comfortable without adding any unnecessary weights. 
  2. You can carry anything in your ULA FASTPACK you want to carry without the fear of the bag being torn off. You might not even feel the backpack if you wear it empty, as there is no such weight of its own. So you are good to go anywhere you want with any stuff you want to carry in your ULA FASTPACK.
  • A Design that speaks for itself

  1. The design language of this amazing ULA Fastpack is outstanding. Having this backpack on your back will add extra style to your fashion state. There isn’t much of a backpack fashion going on around as people still think of a backpack as a utility product, but nowadays, backpacks are more a fashion statement. 
  2. ULA Fastpack will provide you the best fashion that will suit every outfit you wear. It is an extra style point if you wear a nice stunning backpack such as ULA FASTPACK. Design quality also comes first. As we stated above, ULA never compromises on the quality of its products.

Buying Guide

We have discussed a few things that you should consider before buying trekking backpacks. 

  • Light-weight
  1. The backpack that you carry with you everywhere should be lightweight. That’s the first rule of this ULA Fastpack as well. The bag’s weight should be light so that you don’t feel the extra weight on your back. 
  2. If the backpack on your back is heavy, no one will use that again. However, sometimes being lightweight makes backpacks so weak, and they cannot carry enough stuff in them. So that’s why ULA FASTPACK uses strong, lightweight fabric in its built. As a result, this backpack will provide you the mobility you want and even without any restrictions at all. 
  • Style
  1. The fashion sense today in the wearing market is very great. You can find every wearing product in a good fashion sense, but there isn’t much choice in the market itself for bags. The backpack manufacturing market hasn’t developed good fashion till now.
  2. However, ULA Fastpack will provide you with style to match your outfit and all your fashion needs. You don’t have to worry about the style of your backpack if you have ULA Fastpack by your side. You will be just fine with its style language that will match every piece of clothing you wear.
  • Built quality
  1. The built quality of a backpack is the first and main quality that you’ll notice. The backpack with bad built quality will start to the effects of the quality just after some days. If a backpack’s built quality is compromised, there is no chance you can ever rely on that backpack. 
  2. Backpacks with bad built quality have a good chance of getting torned on the way, and you can lose your important stuff. But you don’t need to worry about that, As ULA FASTPACK has a great built quality that will last you forever without any trouble like that. 
  • Capacity
  1. Backpacks with a good capacity mean you can carry all the important stuff you need to stay happy, warm, and safe while traveling. More the capacity, more the important things to carry around with you. If the backpack can’t carry the stuff you need, then there is no point in having that backpack that doesn’t even have enough capacity to carry all the essentials. 
  2. ULA FASTPACK is exactly that kind of backpack you might need to carry everything you want, anywhere. Without getting heavy, thanks to its lightweight construction make it even more comfortable to carry.
  • Warranty
  1. Having a warranty on a backpack you carry is a very important thing. So you can claim the product if there is anything wrong with your backpack. Many backpack companies out there claim a lot of their product, but nothing come near the claims they made. That is why you should buy a backpack that comes with a warranty. 
  2. So you don’t have to worry about any trouble you might face. ULA FASTPACK provides you a good lifetime of warranty that will help you in times of trouble if anything happens to your backpack; ULA Fastpack will respond to your every complaint with full support.


  • Is ULA Fastpack water-resistant?

Yes, when going on a hike, there is always a chance your bag will get wet. Whether it’s from slipping or falling into a puddle or from rain, all the things in your backpack will get wet. Your bag should be waterproof, and ULA Fastpack is water-resistant; it keeps all your belongings safe from getting wet. ULA offers high-quality and long-lasting products to its customers.


  • Is ULA Fastpack affordable?

ULA Fastpack is super budget-friendly. Many other brands offer hiking bags, and many of them are expensive, but the size and the capacity of the pack don’t match the price. Some bags are cheap, but the quality of those bags is very low. However, ULA Fastpack comes in an affordable price range and offers enough space that a person can store all their essentials easily. The quality is of ULA Fastpack also speaks for itself.


  • Is ULA Fastpack comfortable?

Yes, ULA Fastpack is comfortable and provides free moments that means it is easy for the person to move while wearing the backpack. However, with other backpacks, the moment is limited, but with ULA Fastpack, you can move freely and comfortably, having all your necessities by your side safe and secure.  


  • Is ULA Fastpack lightweight?

ULA Fastpack is made for one-day hiking trips; it is super compact and lightweight. This backpack does not put any strain on your shoulders. You can easily store all the essentials you need when going on short trips. For example, ULA Fastpack has a separate compartment for water bottles, food, and tools like a compass, camera, etc. this feature keeps your backpack organized. 

  • Is ULA Fastpack durable?

ULA Fastpack can endure harsh weather. So whether it’s hot or raining, this backpack is capable of enduring all. It is water-resistant, and the quality of the fabric is long-lasting, which makes this bag super durable.  More to it, ULA Fastpack comes with a lifetime guarantee. So you don’t need to worry about quality.

  • What kind of features does ULA Fastpack have?

There are many features that ULA Fastpack has. It can withstand all weather conditions, and it is super durable. ULA Fastpack is lightweight, and because of its compact size, you can move around easily. More to it, it has mesh side pockets that help hold the hiking poles’ sharp ends firmly and safely. 

  • How much weight can a ULA Fastpack carry?

ULA Fastpack is manufactured for your short trip plans. By keeping this in mind, ULA Fastpack can hold about 10-12 lbs. of luggage without a load transfer system. This bag is ideal for short trips or day hikes. You can also use this bag for normal traveling. The flexibility furnished by this backpack is not seen in any other product. You can load it with all your essentials like a laptop, chargers, snacks, clothes and take them wherever you go.


To sum it all, ULA Fastpack is a super-light backpack specially designed to provide maximum comfort and speed. In addition, ULA Fastpack focuses on providing great stability and enough storage to organize your items. 

With the great comfort and convenience of this bag, you can constantly be on the go without going through the struggle of finding things in your backpack.

Considering the price and the level of quality, the Fastpack offers great value for money. Comparatively, ULA Fastpack is the lightest backpack on the market, offering the user quality and comfort. Hopefully, this detailed breakdown of ULA Fastpack helped you understand all the unique features of this product.

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