Renogy vs Goal Zero: Which One Is Better?

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Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Renogy vs Goal Zero Although high-priced, a good solar panel will represent a great investment by reducing your electrical bills significantly over the subsequent years. This leads to nice savings in the long-term. At the same time, a solar panel will increase the worth of your property. When you are on a road trip or camping, you frequently want to charge your gadgets or have a cup of coffee. 

You may have a conveyable battery station for your trip. However, it will run out of juice eventually. This is where solar panels come in. If you own an associate self-propelled vehicle, RV, solar panels are an integral part of your life.

Furthermore, a transportable solar panel permits you to get electric power even in the areas that are outside of the region of the electrical grid. For these reasons, buying a solar panel is a wise investment. However, it may be onerous to decide which one to buy. 

There are tons of solar panels available in the market. Selecting one from a plethora of choices is undoubtedly troublesome. Therefore, to help you out, we have analyzed and compared two of the leading solar panels brands with each other.

Both of these panels are like your luggage. They are fold-able, robust, economical, and much more versatile than usual panels. In this article, we are comparing Renogy vs Goal Zero.

Additionally, the Goal Zero Boulder consists of various ordinary glass and metal PV panels for optimum protection. Goal Zero has been manufacturing the Boulder line alongside the Nomad solar chargers that are fabric-based. Around the same time as the upgraded Boulder fifty and the higher finish Boulder 200 case variant, Boulder 100 briefcase surfaced on the market.
Also, it is worth mentioning that the Renogy Solar Suitcase comes with a charge controller. In case, you often go for camping, this solar panel will be the perfect gear. Plus, it generates a 100 watts and saves it for the fast and efficient charging of the devices.

One of the biggest pros of this system is it portability. Without having an issue, you can carry it anywhere. It’s great for recharging a number of batteries like the sealed, gel and the flooded ones. In addition to the above, it has voltage and temperature sensors enclosed which allow you to keep a track of its performance.

The following items are present in the boxes of these solar systems. In Renogy, we have a 100W Mono Foldable Solar Suitcase, 20A Voyager Charge Controller, MC4 to Alligator Clips with fuse, and Carry case. Whereas in the Goal zero solar panels, we have Boulder 100 Briefcase with a cord and Canvas Carrying Bag. 

Renogy and Goal zero stand against each other in terms of their features. In both the solar panels, the maximum power is the same that is 100 watt. However, for Renogy, the price of energy per watt is $2.5 while the goal zero charges $3 per watt. This makes goal zero a bit pricey than the other one.

Similarly, the max voltage energy that Renogy gives is about 18V and goal zero gives approximately 14-22V. The max current of goal zero is 5.56A and for Renogy it’s 7A. 

So, in this category, goal zero is slightly better. The open-circuit voltage of Renogy vs. Goal Zero is 21.6V and 18-22A, respectively. There is not a major difference between the short circuit current of these solar panels. For Renogy, it is 6A and 7A is the calculated figure for Goal zero. 

Apart from that, Renogy includes a 20A charge controller whereas Goal Zero doesn’t involve that. According to the manufacturers of the Goal Zero solar panels, there is no need for charge controllers if you’re using these solar panels to charge their own yeti Power Stations.

Nonetheless, if you wish to use it with something else, you may require a charge controller. When we discuss the selection of a solar panel, the efficiency rate is one among the foremost necessary aspects. Efficiency percentages vary from 100% i.e. for cheaper thin-film panels to twenty in the case for the additional advanced crystalline panels.

Generally, if the efficiency is higher than 14%, it is considered as acceptable equipment. Solar panel increases the value of your property. Thus, it is important to find the right panel for your house. Those people who have a small roof space need higher efficiency. In such situations, either of the solar panels is ideal for you. Efficiency plays a big role in the market value of these products. With conversion efficiency at 18% and 16% respectively, Renogy and Goal zero are highly efficient panels.

Because of the conversion efficiency, the Renogy solar panel has a little advantage over the other one. However, even in a comparatively small area, the Goal Zero solar panel can generate an outstanding amount of energy. These are the factors that make these panels a smart investment.

As far as the durability is concerned, both of the solar panels are up to the mark. They are manufactured to last for years after years. For most of the customers, durability is the main reason for the purchase of a system irrespective of the brand and model. In order to fulfill these particular demands, they are designed to withstand certain conditions.

Moreover, the resistant aluminum frame of Goal zero ensures the safety of the system. As a result of this protection, the panel lasts for several years. On the other hand, its counterpart combines a light-weight aluminum and rugged tempered glass, making it even sturdier. 

The Renogy is extremely easy to install. In its junction box, it has pre-installed diodes. Likewise, it comes with 2 31-inch cables with MC4 connectors for simple use. On the rear side of the panels, pre-drilled holes are given to simply mount it on a rooftop or the ground. The installation of the Goal Zero solar system is convenient for everyone. 

By using a single cable, you can establish a successful connection with the other devices. Usually, nothing can be easier and faster than that. But, it is tough to mount it on uneven and slanted surfaces. 

sometimes, solar panels are not favorable at tolerating heat. In Renogy vs. Goal zero both have temperature resistant property. This means that they are decent when we talk about temperature resistance property. 

Companies offer two types of guarantee for solar panels. The first one is the performance guarantee the other one is the manufacturer’s guarantee. Most of the solar panels have a performance guarantee of a minimum of 25 years. The manufacturer’s guarantee has more significance. 

On this wise, Goal Zero is more beneficial than Renogy. As they promise 5-year material and workmanship guarantee. On the contrary, Renogy gives only a year warranty to its customers.

The light-weight materials like metallic element and tempered glass are used in these models. This is why moving them to places as you go out on trips is so simple. The Goal Zero solar panel has the potential of being folded-up into a briefcase-like shape which makes it easier to hold around. 

Another feature of a brilliant solar panel involves power tolerance. In simple words, is the production of wattage with ultimate accuracy for practical use. In the present day, these equipment have a positive only tolerance which means they produce a wattage that is required. This improves the stability and reliability of the solar panels. Fortunately, this feature is seen in these panels. 


After comparing these two solar panels, you can clearly see the difference between them. From the price perspective, Goal Zero is a bit expensive. Hence if you are hard-pressed on budget, consider the alternative option. You won’t get disappointed by it as it worth every penny. After concluding the results of the comparison, Goal Zero is the well-deserving winner for us. It’s sturdy materials, energy conversion efficiency, transportability, and overall quality make it a brilliant choice for everyone. 

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