Keen vs Oboz Comparison review Best Hiking boots

Hiking boots, the boots that are specifically designed for the comfort and protection of the feet and ankles during outdoor walking activities such as hiking, climbing etc. They are one of the most important articles of hiking gear, since they mainly work on foot and its placement and hence gives a good body balance without getting tired easily.

People are showing inclination and interest towards lightweight materials that still provides high support and are water resistant boots 

Presenting the two leading hiking boots in the market KEEN AND OBOZ

KEEN is an American footwear and accessories company based in Portland, Oregon.

KEEN shoes are designed to let your feet spread out and be the feet they were meant to be the company claims the statement. The company has its own separate batch for the hiking shoes which are meant for the purpose of outdoor walking activities. 

KEEN shoes are designed and made for men and women as well as children.

OBOZ on the other hand is an enterprise that deals with footwear related to hiking.

OBOZ shoes are designed and made both for men and women.

Both the modals put out by the manufacturers in the market have feature differences set accordingly for different people according to their choices.

So spending money on the right kind of shoes from the right brand is what people need to do before paying a huge amount on them.

So to study and explore the brand before putting a hand on the article is what needs to be done.

Both brand’s introduction and policy will be included as it gives a brief about the product.

Product And Brand Review: Keen Vs Oboz


Founded in 1999 the organization was eventually famous with Newport Sandals by Martin Keen of Jamestown, Rhode Island. In 2003 the first keen shoes and sandals were put into production and feature a protective black toe bumper.

KEEN’s specialty in its shoes is its comfort, durability as well as its efficiency.

The Boots are made with the material that is quiet breathable and hence are respiratory at the same time the boots are waterproof as well.

They are known for their light weight and helps in relieving calf pain and tiredness after a long stretch of walk.

How to measure keen shoes?

  • The very first step is to measure your foot in centimeters. Keen has a map to help you decide your perfect size. They are sizeable and are adaptive to feet.
  • The next step is to measure the width of the foot , broad fitted shoes are sold by KEEN.
  •  The only place they aren’t good at is the beach sand where it can be damaging to be waterproof. The shoes will fell relaxing once you glide into the perfect size and also are perfect for travelling long distances without any problem of blisters and swelling.

How do you break into keen shoes?

  • Wear your boots inside the house. Wear the socks and insoles you’ll be wearing on the trail and tie your boots snugly, but not too tight.
  • Walk around the block and around town. Make sure your boots feel good at each stage before upping the distance.
  • Put on a daypack and hit the trail. Off pavement is where serious breaking in happens. Be sure you gradually increase both weight and mileage throughout this phase.

How to avoid the quick fix?

  • Shortcuts like soaking boots and walking long distances while wearing them are a bad idea. That would be hard on your boots and murder on your feet.

How to maintain and clean keen shoes?

  • KEEN shoes can be washed in washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water using a mild detergent like leather conditioner and leather nubuck. Further can be sundried easily by keeping them under the direct sun. The wool should not be cleaned nor rubbed but brushed with spot foam removal. Insoles can be hand washed too. The smell can be treated with tea tree oil.
  • Another option is hand-washing your sandals in the sink with NikWax Base Wash, an odor-eliminating product for synthetic materials used in outdoor gear.

KEEN Voyageur Men’s Mid Hiking Boot


  • Highly breathable
  • Plenty of support
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price
  • No break in period


  • Slightly on a heavier side 
  • Sole separates out easily
  • Durability is okay

There are 19 colors available each of which is light and breathable which is perfect for summer. The person wearing it will be provided with high security and sense of support

They are highly suitable for hot, humid and dry climatic conditions providing a versatile and encouraging sole. The insole can be removed for washing purpose. The met atomic EVA footstool gives stability and assistance. The outsole of the rubber is not labeled and is plain. Leather and mesh top offer a convenient and breathable shoe for intense heat wear ability.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


  • Highly stable and supportive
  • Reasonable price and value for money.
  • Lightweight.
  • Patented toe box protection.
  • Minimal break-in period.


  • Lace eyelets are made of woven fabric.
  • Not the best option for longer hiking e.g. backpacking.
  • Lugs on the sole comes off after two to three months.
  • Various keen bots have wide range of attractive attributes and specifications.

One of the best and leading boots is the targhee hiking boot line for several years. These boots are developed for hard core hiking for all terrains and varying climatic conditions. KEEN MEN’S TARGHEE II mid waterproof hiking boot is one of the highest selling boots. They are present in 20 different forms you can select what fits you the best.

OBOZ (“Outside + Bozeman = Oboz”)

Oboz is an outdoor footwear brand based in Montana, U.S., which shares similar values of sustainability and product innovation with Kathmandu, as indicated by Oboz’s support of charities like Trees for the Future and Small Woods, which both advocate for sustainable forestry

How to measure oboz shoes?

  • Most of the oboz shoes are tailored . To assess the length and width of the foot and to evaluate the foot volume and height of your arch Brannock is adviced to use. These data will enhance the fitness level and will help you evaluate the best suitable boot for you.

Does OBOZ accommodate different feet sizes?

  • The wide range of boot sizes are available; people requiring a big shoe size can go for large package which is provided by OBOZ.

How to break into oboz shoes?

  • Oboz boots are little rigid and stiff just like other hiking boots. They can be easily worn after every progressive period. They also remain the same number for a longer duration as they are highly robust.

Where can you wear oboz shoes? 

  • The boots were built for walking the mountains of Montana but can withstand the harsh sandy weather, steep canyon paths of Utah. The underfoot power gives knee support.

How to clean and maintain oboz shoes?

  • Rinse, brush or wipe off all dirt and mud after your adventures.
  • Thoroughly clean your footwear a few times a season to extend their life. After removing the visible mud, we recommend Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. It cleans the breathable surface, and prepares boots for any waterproofing treatment. 
  • When cleaning, avoid solvents, petroleum, and detergents. Whatever you do, do not put your shoes in a clothes washer or dryer! This will send your footwear to an early grave and adversely affect fit.
  • Oboz footwear comes with different modals to get you acquainted we present to you the reviews for the same to get you the basic idea so you could choose which suits your requirement. Both the pairs presented below are comfortable and durable at the same time but each pair has certain different features so you should get your hand son which ever suits you best.



  • O FIT insoles: Oboz is known for their O FIT insoles. Oboz uses a high-quality for better fit, arch support, and comfort.
  • Support: Most Oboz hiking boots and hiking shoes provide good mid-foot support, tensional rigidity, and ankle protection. 
  • Durability: Oboz may match or exceed the durability of more expensive brands each pair lasts more than 1200 miles in harsh environments.
  • Value: Oboz provide excellent value.


  • Waterproofing and breathability is average.

Oboz sawtooth II low hiking shoes can be your preference if you are looking for light weight shoes than hiking shoes which are still heavier and protective than normal walking boots. They are stronger, highly secure and rounder heels which enhances the rolling motion that keeps the feet safe and sound and hence relaxed during and at the end of the walking.



  • The insole can be removed.
  • The boots are long lasting.
  • Highly waterproof.
  • Offer very excellent traction.


  • Large sizes are not available.
  • Laces get untied easily.

Oboz footwear is excellent as well as eco-friendly. They plant a tree foe each shoe they produce. Bridger BDry gives the best security for a long trip or a long distance walk. The leather used is also of high quality. The B Dry membrane also keeps our foot dry and relaxed making the boots highly waterproof.

The bleeding that stops the TPU flex chassis protects the feet from getting fractures. The insole BeFit EVA gives an excellent support to the arch.


Both the manufacturers manufacture high quality, breathable, waterproof and strong base long lasting boots. Keen footwear focuses on its flexibility and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities . While oboz footwear focuses more on outdoor walking. The fit of the oboz shoes is more spacious because the foot area is larger. Keen footwear on the other hand can withstand harsh freezing climatic conditions.

Keen has a footwear of good quality for men, women and children with Cushioned foam and the maximum compression for your pressure points integrated into the design.

Oboz has improved it’s quality and performance measurement . Its business appears to be more precise than keen footwear but they only make outdoor shoes, hence oboz shoes are specially for hiking , long distance walk, running on light paths , and casual wear if you are searching for a particular footwear.


Before choosing the right boots for hiking one must consider some important featurrs which are stiffness, weight, breathability, lacing type, waterproofing, toe protection, insoles, hiking boots “upper material” Midsole type, outsoles and traction etc. Both keen and oboz have such features . The buyer must choose the right and the suitable one for them from the table.

While hiking one must focus on the route, the scenery and the whole hiking process . The hiking boots should not create any kind of hindrance in the path. So to help you take your mind off from such problems one must get the best hiking boots present out there . Keeping all these factors in mind go for the best one and make you hike a memorable one.

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