A Simple Guide to Use Butane Camping Stove

What is a Butane Camping Stove? 

A butane camping stove is a handy cooking device that uses butane as fuel for operation. Its size and usability makes it the best thing to take with you on camping. While you always have campfire as an option, camping stove significantly saves a lot of time and effort. Also, if it is your first camping experience, you might not be a pro at gathering woods and igniting the fire. 

A butane camping stove has come as an alternative to propane camping stoves. In a short time, they have gained high popularity – thanks to versatility and ease of use. 

How to Use a Butane Camping Stove?

When it comes to the operation, it is important to make sure that you know all the steps to make the stove functional in the right manner. If you are going to use it for the first time, you must follow a detailed guide on how to use a butane camping stove. And we guess that’s exactly why you are here. Read on!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use butane camping stove:

  1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Butane camping stoves largely differ in their types. As no two butane camping stoves are the same, it is best to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you set up your butane stove. While reading the directions, you will come across several safety precautions. Make sure you keep them in mind. 

  1. Remove the Flammables

There might be certain objects that rapidly catch fire in the area you are going to use your butane camping stove. Therefore, the second step and the most significant safety precaution is to remove all the flammables before your surroundings, if any. 

  1. Use a Level Surface

Stoves, no matter what type, should always be placed on a level surface. So, find a levelled ground which is mostly uncommon in camping areas. The best idea is to use a table. 

  1. Inspect Your Stove and Canister

Inspect your stove carefully for any signs of damage, especially the butane cartridge compartment. Also, examine your fuel canister. Even if the stove is slightly damaged, it’s not worth taking the risk. 

  1. Turn Dial in OFF Position 

Usually, the stove dial is in the OFF position. However as a safety check, make sure that the dial is in the OFF position before you attach the canister to the fuel cartridge. 

  1. Open the Butane Cartridge Compartment 

As you open the butane cartridge compartment, you will see where to place the fuel canister. What you need to do is find the latch stove and place the canister inside the compartment in a way that the top of the canister lines up with the latch. The latch is usually present at the front of the compartment. 

In this step, it is very important to read through your instruction manual’s directions first. 

  1. Close the Cartridge and Lock it

When your canister is properly fixed in place, close the cartridge compartment. In order to lock it, you need to press the lock lever down. 

  1. Ignite the Flame 

Now that your butane camping stove is set up, the next step is to ignite the flame. For that, turn the dial in an anti-clockwise direction. When you hear the click, the flame will ignite. Wait for it to properly ignite. Then, you can control the flame using the dial. 

Place your cooking pot and you are good to go! 

Why Use a Butane Camping Stove?

Now, a lot of people use butane stoves for indoor as well as outdoor cooking purposes. When cooking indoors, butane camping stoves might be a little inconvenient but as far as outdoor activities such as camping and travelling are concerned, a butane cooking stove is the best option. Here’s why:


Given the light weight and small size, butane camping stoves are easy to carry around. All you need to do is to pack it in your camping essentials and you are good to go!

Instant and Adjustable Flame 

Another good thing about butane cooking stoves is that they turn on in a click. This way, you get the instant hot flame. There’s no need to use a matchstick. Also, you are free to adjust the flame as per your cooking requirements. 

Open Ventilation Outside

A butane camping stove requires open and free ventilation. As you will be camping in an open space, there’s nothing left to worry about. However, make sure you do not use it inside the camp as every butane camping stove produces carbon monoxide, and there might be butane gas leakage. 

High Butane Efficiency 

Even though butane is a bit expensive than propane gas, it features higher efficiency. Butane gas when used as fuel is 12% more efficient than propane. This makes it highly cost-effective. 

Moreover, there are several ways to conserve fuel and use your butane cartridge for a longer period. These mainly include preparing simple foods on the go, cutting meat, vegetables or any other food into smaller pieces, using a cooking pot instead of a pan or any utensil that comes with a lid, etc. 

Safety Tips to Follow 

While there comes an instruction manual with all the safety precautions mentioned, here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Always use a compact size butane camping stove. Never buy a camping stove whose cookware size extends to the butane cartridge compartment. It poses great risks. 
  • Never use two single butane camping stoves as a double burner stove. It never works and is highly dangerous. 
  • Attend your stove throughout the cooking time. Leaving it unattended is not plausible. 
  • Always use a butane camping stove in an open area that allows enough ventilation. Carbon monoxide and butane fuel leakage can be deadly. 
  • Do not let children play around the stove. 


A butane camping stove is a great idea for outdoor cooking. However, you should follow proper steps to set up and use your butane stove. While operation and use, keep all the precautions in mind for safer use.

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