Goal Zero YETI 150 vs. 400

Portable batteries are valuable devices to have by your side. Still, these days a variety of them provide a large amount of unnecessary power for regular use and take a lot of space. 

This makes them huge and nearly impossible to carry around, which is why the Goal Zero series of YETI have versions that provide a low amount of power and make them compact enough for a single person to carry easily for daily use. 

The YETI Goal Zero 150 and 400 generators are perfect for anyone who is looking for budget-friendly low-powered generators. We have made a detailed comparison between both batteries to decide which one suits your needs the best.

1. YETI Goal Zero 150


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Travel friendly
  • Safe
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable


  • Less power supply

Goal Zero 150 is a compact device that works as a power bank to charge all your smartphones, tabs, cameras, laptops, and other small appliances. The YETI Goal Zero 150 generators are perfect for anyone looking for compact and budget-friendly low-powered generators.

The Goal Zero 150 power bank effortlessly recharges the battery through a wall outlet, and solar panels can also charge it. YETI also offers you to purchase separate solar panels specially designed for their devices. In addition, you can also charge with a 12V vehicle charging cable.

You can carry this portable power bank single-handedly or take this device to your camping sites, small picnics, or you can even use 150 power banks when there’s a power outrage. It can charge a phone 15 times, a laptop 2 to 3 times, and a camera 7 to 8 times. 

It is manufactured to charge small electronic devices as Goal Zero Yeti 150 offers a 168 watt per hour (14Ah) power with 2.1 USB ports, a sealed lead-acid battery, and built-in outputs that can charge five devices simultaneously.

Perfectly shaped and sized for travel, it fits perfectly in a car to keep your devices charged when you are enjoying long trips. In addition, the lead-acid battery of the YETI Goal Zero 150 makes it safe even for air travel.


  • Compact: Goal Zero 150 is a compact device for easy use
  • Rechargeable: This power bank can be recharged effortlessly through a wall outlet or solar panels. 
  • Travel Friendly: Perfectly shaped and sized for travel, it fits perfectly in a car to keep your devices charged while enjoying long trips.
  • Power: It can charge up to 5 small devices simultaneously and offers 14Ah power with 2.1 USB ports.

Expert Reviews

Goal Zero 150 is ideal for people who are looking for a compact and budget-friendly low-powered generator. We highly recommend this product.

2.YETI Goal Zero 400


  • LCD display
  • Rechargeable
  • High power supply
  • Convenient  
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting power supply
  • Durable


  • Heavy

Goal Zero 400 is an ideal power bank with a huge power supply capacity. This device is specially designed to supply power to laptops, lights, smartphones, and many other small devices in an off-grid situation or any event of a power failure.

The Goal Zero 400 is a reliable and convenient whole power station. This power station gives 396 watts per hour and has a 33 Ah capacity. The power supply of this device is sufficient for charging your smartphone over 20 to 30 times. 

It can charge laptops five times or even charge small gadgets for numerous hours. Its flexible array of effective outputs USB, AC, and 12V power supply lets you plug in 7 gadgets straight away. In addition, the pure sine wave inverter gives a smooth power supply.

The Goal Zero 400 is a rechargeable device. You can charge this device in three simple ways. It takes 5 hours to charge from a wall outlet, 8 hours to charge from a solar panel, and 13 hours to charge with a car charger. 

The key feature of this device is that this device doesn’t require any gasoline and no poisonous fumes. Goal Zero 400 is secure and safe to use whether you are in your house, in a car, or a tent. It also doesn’t make any noise, making this device the ideal generator for any event.


  • Portable: A portable power generator to charge your small devices. 
  • Power: 396 watts per hour & 33 Ah capacities. The power supply of this device can charge up to 7 gadgets at once.
  • Rechargeable: YETI Goal Zero 400 is a rechargeable device for an unlimited power supply.
  • Safe: This power station is safe to use wherever you are as it requires no gasoline or any other toxic fumes.

Expert Reviews

Goal Zero 400 power station is an all-in-one device that can charge up to 7 devices at a time. We highly recommend this product.

Differences between YETI 150 and 400

Goal Zero 150 and 400 might look the same at first glance, but there is a slight difference between both of them. We have explained all the main differences between these power banks to decide which device suits your needs the best.

  • Size

Both power generators are small and compact so that without any hassle, you can carry them around anywhere they are needed the most. In addition, these generators are travel friendly, giving them a plus point compared to other brands’ products. If we make a comparison of weight, the Goal Zero 400 is a little heavier than 150, but still, one person can carry it around easily.

  • Power Supply

Comparing the power supply of Yeti 150 and 400 generators, there is a massive difference as Goal Zero 150 generator has a 168 Watt-hour lead-acid battery that has an ability of 14Ah at 12V. In contrast, the Goal Zero 400 generator has a 396 Watt-hour lead-acid battery with a capability of 33Ah at 12V. 

Therefore, the amount of power supply depends on your needs. For example, if you need a battery with a greater power supply, you should go for 400, but if you need a power bank for normal charging use, you should go for a 150 power bank. 

  • Performance

With Goal Zero 400, you can quickly charge up to 7 devices, while Goal Zero 150 can take up to 5 devices electronic devices at a time. As Goal Zero 400 is a lot more powerful than Goal Zero 150, the 150 comes at a reasonable price comparatively and offers enough banking power that a person who doesn’t have more than five devices to charge can rely on Yeti 150. In addition, Goal Zero 400’s display screen is smaller than Goal Zero 150’s display screen.  

  • Ports and sockets 

Let’s take a look at Goal Zero 150 which has a 110V AC port for different appliances, a 12V car-port, a 12V wall outlet, and two 5V USB ports, a total of 5 ports. So you can easily connect five small devices at a time. Plus, you can also control each port with special commands.

Similarities between the Yeti 150 and 400

As some differences both generators have, there are some beneficial similarities as well. We discussed some of the similarities down below that both of these power banks have in them.


  • Construction

The YETI Company never compromises on quality. Therefore, the construction of both products is remarkable. Moreover, these durable generators are designed to last for a very long time in case of any emergencies. 


The quality of both 150 and 400 generators speaks for itself. Not only are they built with high-quality material, but also these generators offer a high power supply.  So you don’t have to worry about the quality of these products as YETI never fails to deliver high-quality products. 

  • Solar System Compatibility 

When you are out in the woods camping and all of a sudden you run out of battery, what will you do then? Well, YETI has a solution for that too. One of the outstanding features of these devices is that both are compatible with solar panels. 

This feature alone can help you a lot as you can charge your batteries anywhere anytime. Although it takes a little time to charge from solar panels, the wait is worth it when you don’t have any other option left by your side. YETI offers separate solar panels for 150 and 400 power banks that you can buy in an affordable price range.

Buying Guide

We have listed few things that you should consider before purchasing any portable battery.

  • Power Supply

The amount of power supply a portable battery can offer depends on your needs. Some units can supply a huge amount of power and batteries with low power capacity.  

If you want a device that can juice up to 7 devices, consider Goal Zero 400 to fulfill all your requirements. On the other hand, if you are looking for a lightweight device that can juice up smaller devices like smartphones, laptops, etc., consider purchasing Goal Zero 150 as it can charge up your devices in no time. 

  • Safe Batteries

You may ask yourself that if it is even safe to buy a portable battery. Of course, there are scarce chances of battery explosion, but that does not mean explosions don’t happen. Therefore purchasing a safe battery should be a prior need. Goal Zero 150 and 400 provide well-made batteries with protection functions constructed into them and are safe to keep in your house or wherever you need them.

  • Durability

Hundreds of brands offer great deals for portable batteries, but only a few can give a long-time service. As with other features, durability should also be a priority. The brand you are purchasing your battery from plays an important role in the durability of a product. YETI is a top-quality brand known for the quality of its products. YETI 150 and 400 generators offer a long-time service and durability.

  • Ports

If you are a person who uses multiple devices, then you must consider buying batteries that have multiple ports. For example, YETI Goal Zero 150 has 5 ports and can charge 5 devices simultaneously. On the other hand, if you are looking for a 7 port device, consider purchasing YETI Zero 400 as it can juice up to 7 devices simultaneously.

  • Price

Purchasing a battery that costs a lot and offers less is such a waste of money. Buying a product that fits your budget and fulfill your needs is a smart decision to make. Although some products are highly-priced, the quality they offer is worth the price. The price of a product depends on your needs as well. If you are searching for a heavy voltage device, it can cost you a lot, so you have to ask yourself if the product is worth the price or not?

  • Brand

As with all other factors, the brand is also an essential factor. No one wants to purchase a portable battery that can cause problems, a brand that you can’t trust. Therefore, buying from a brand you have prior experience with should be your ideal choice. 

However, YETI has manufactured quality products for ages. So when you purchase any product from YETI, you know it will offer you the quality you need.


  • How long a YETI Goal Zero 400 does lasts?

The life of the YETI 400 battery lasts for about 6 to 7 months and offers 500 life cycles before the battery life goes down to 80% capacity. The YETI 400 is a powerful battery that can charge up to 7 devices at the same time. 

  • Is it safe to keep Goal Zero plugged in all the time?

Plugging this power bank directly into the wall outlet is the best thing to do. It keeps the battery recharged all the time and will be fully powered whenever you need it. It is safe to keep your device plugged in all the time. If you don’t use it for a long time for a long period, ensure to plug your battery after 1 to 2 months; this can help preserve the battery in stable health.

  • Is Goal Zero 150 is safe to travel? 

Goal Zero 150 power bank is 100% safe to travel with as it is a travel-friendly device. The lead-acid battery of YETI 150 makes it safe to travel even when traveling from a plane. Moreover, as 150 is a compact device, you can carry it around easily wherever you go. 

  • Can I use Goal Zero while charging it? 

You can use it while charging it, but there is a condition for that too. If you charge this portable battery from a compatible solar panel, you can safely use it. Otherwise, it is not that safe to charge and use at the same time.  You can charge your battery at night and use it all day. 

  • Is Goal Zero expensive?

Quality comes with money. YETI Goal Zero has a full series of products ranging from low prices to expensive products. It depends if you need a bigger battery or a smaller one for regular use. Goal zero 150 comes in an affordable price range with excellent performance, and it can charge up to 5 devices at the same time. 

  • How do you charge Goal Zero 150 and 400?

You can charge YETI Goal Zero in 3 ways. First, you can charge both batteries by connecting them to a wall outlet. The wall outlet lets you power your battery quickly. It takes 4 to 5 hours to charge from a wall outlet. 

The second way of charging is through solar panels specially manufactured for both batteries. Again, it takes about 10-13 hours to charge the battery fully. And the third way of charging your batteries is by car 12v cable. Again, it takes about 6 to 7 hours to charge the battery fully.


When comparing the batteries, we can see that Goal Zero 400 is for people looking for heavy-duty batteries. On the other hand, Goal Zero 150 is for those who want a more compact and regular use device that can charge up to 5 small devices.

Goal Zero 150 is a travel-friendly product while 400 is a little heavier, but a single person can carry it easily. In addition, both batteries come with unique features. Hopefully, this detailed comparison of Goal Zero 150 vs. 400 helped you understand which product is best for your needs as it all comes down to your personal needs.

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