Detailed Comparison Between Camp Chef Everest vs. Coleman Triton

If you are someone who has a lot of camping experience or if you are a novice, one thing you want to make sure is that you are well-prepared for the trip. Long hiking, and camping plans require packing of a lot of necessary items. During the trip you will be away from home, and so you need to take extra measures to pack everything with you. 

The things you decide to take with you such as; your sleeping bags, bug spray, tent, etc. should be light-weight, and portable for you to carry it around. One of the things that you might necessarily require is a camping stove, because many camping sites may not have a fire pit. 

Now you may have a grill or fire pit on the site, but with a camping stove you have many options and ranges with cooking.  

We know how difficult it is to buy or spend your hard earned money on, so we came up with a comparison of two popular camping stoves for you; camp chef Everest vs. Coleman triton. 

In this comparison we are going to describe each of these stoves, and let you know about their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Remember your good packing and selecting skills may help you endure and enjoy your camping or hiking.

Best Choice


Coleman Triton

Best Camping Stoves Reviews: Coleman Triton Vs Everest

1. Coleman Triton


  • Coleman triton has two burners that work independently.
  • It allows you to control the amount for heat you provide to the food. 
  • The burners can also give heat up to 22,000 BTU. 
  • The stove has PerfectHeat technology, which provides food in less fuel. 
  • PerfectFlow technology allows the stove to be consistent. 
  • It has chrome-plated grate. 
  • The grate is removable, which gives you easy access for cleaning.


  • The rack of coleman triton moves a lot, making it harder to balance. 
  • For bigger pots you may want to center your pots, and many people reviewed the burner doesn’t give enough control of the heat.

Coleman triton has wind block panels, which stops the wind from interrupting your cooking process. They help shield your burner so that you don’t have uncooked food on your beautiful outdoor’s trip.

It has a PerfectFlow technology, which helps make the burner consistent. It will help you make food even when you have extreme weather conditions. It also has PerfectHeat technology, which will cook your food in lesser fuel. 

The stove has two burners, which helps in making your food quicker. For example you can put your noodles for boiling in one pot and your sauce in the other. When you are cooking outdoors, efficiency, and speed is all you want. Coleman triton will give you both. 

Both the burner gives up to 22,000 BTU each, it is one of the best parts of this stove. The two individual burners can be independently used to dial up and down the heat. This gives you a lot of control of the heat you give to the food you are cooking. 

The stove has a grate that is chrome-plated, and you can remove it for your convenience so that you can easily clean it up. This makes the entire process much easier as well as quicker. 

2. Camp Chef Everest


  • It has an easy carry handle.
  • The stove has two burners that blow up 20,000 BTU. 
  • It allows you to cook quicker. 
  • It is a stove with matchless ignition. 
  • The grate is nickel coated, and it is stainless steel so it avoids rusting. 
  • It is compact and easy to carry around. 
  • It requires liquefied petroleum gas. 


  • Camp chef Everest doesn’t have any anti-skid on its bottom, which means it will not stay intact on a slippery surface.

Camp Chef Everest’s fuel type is liquefied petroleum gas, which makes it extremely handy for almost everywhere. If you are deciding to hike or camp at higher altitudes, then this is the best thing for you. This stove is made up of stainless steel, which makes it durable against rusting. 

It has an easy drip tray that will help you clean up quickly, and easily. Camp chef’s design is light-weight and made in such a way that you can easily carry with its easy to carry handle. 

It also has matchless ignition, this helps in keeping you safe. The piezo igniter present will spark up fire with just a push of a button. With this stove you won’t have to worry about wet matches either. 

One of the best parts about this stove is that it has two burners, and each of these burners blow up 20,000 BTU. It manages to cook on both the burners, which makes your food cook quicker. Imagine all the time you will save. 

It also has nickel coated grate, which allows you to cook your food in heavy skillets, etc. its compact size and design helps you in carrying it anywhere you want. 

Food tastes great outdoors, which is why you should consider buying this versatile stove for all your adventures. 

Buying Guide

You should know what you are getting yourself into, and once you buy a stove, it will help you in so many adventures. There are different types of stoves based on different fuels used in these stoves. 

Depending upon where you are going, and the availability of that fuel in the area you are going in camping for. We recommend you must do your homework before you go and buy your own camping stove.  

To help you understand the world of camping stove a little better here are the major types of stoves used. We hope you can make an informed decision after it. 

Types Of Camping Stove

There are majorly three types of camping stove, and here they are: 

  1. Liquid fuel stove
  2. Solid fuel stove, and 
  3. Canister gas stove

Liquid Fuel Stove – these stoves are great for higher altitude, and by far the only options. These stoves can run on various liquid fuels like paraffin, petrol, etc. this stove is the best option if you are going for longer expeditions. 

They are so great because at higher altitude, lower pressure would not become a problem, in such places where there is cold, the canister gas freezes, so it is the best. 

A disadvantage of liquid fuel stove is that it is tedious to operate; however; new models are easier to work with. It also requires a lot of maintenance.

Solid Fuel Stove – they are not very useful in windy places, and they are meant for light-duty work. 

Canister Gas Stove – these stoves are the most popular choice among people who go on for hiking often. Canister stoves are available in almost all sizes. This means you can take it for any situation you want. 

Buying a camping stove can be tricky, and it is entirely based on your requirements. If you are someone with little kids around, you may want to buy a stable tabletop stove as they may knock food off. However, if you are travelling alone, and don’t have much space to carry things, or if you have a long hike, you may want to consider buying a light-weight stove.

Camp Chef Everest Vs. Coleman Triton 

Both camp chef Everest and Coleman Triton have 4.7/5 stars, and they both are great for outdoors. The two stoves have distinct but amazing features, which is why you will have a tough time selecting anyone from them. 

Camp chef doesn’t has a wind block to shield the burner from the wind, so if you are going to go in a windy place for hiking or camping then Coleman Triton is the best choice for you since it has a wind block.

In short, it is a matter of where you are going for your next trip since both of these camping stoves have brilliant features. 


Stoves are harder to choose as they can make or break your trip. It is like how people say; good food keeps the mind great, and with a great mind you will only go to greater places. 

While buying a stove you should know what you want the stove for, and there are various factors for deciding that such as, the size of the stove, its weight, what fuel you use, the cost of it, the place you are going to, etc. 

Camp chef Everest and Coleman triton both are amazingly best choices for an amazing outdoor trip. You can choose any one of them to make your trip greater. 

We can guarantee that both these stoves will work out well for your trip, if you read our review, and make an informed decision. Just like other things you pack for your camping like a sleeping bag, tents, etc. you would want your camping stove to be just as useful, efficient, light-weight, easy to carry, and must come in your budget. 

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