5 Best Trail Runners For Thru-hiking

Best Choice


Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Premium Choice


Salomon Supercross GTX Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Best in Budget


Adidas Terrex AX3 Hiking Shoes Men’s

Best 5 trail Runner for thru-hiking

1. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes


  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  •  Good in fitting size


  • Wearing these shoes for duration exceeding 15 hrs can cause blisters and corns

These trail shoes are made up of synthetic fiber. Also, the sole is manufactured of rubber which makes it bear all sorts of pressure. This type of sole provides a decent control as well. Likewise, it offers a noticeable grip and penetrating traction on soft surfaces. 

Salomon is a well-known brand when we talk about the production of the best trail runners for thru-hiking. Over the past seven decades, they are producing shoes with keeping the needs of the hiker in mind. In these years, they have evolved very much to provide an improved experience for the consumers. The adaptations that are made on the production of these shoes are highly in favor of the modern trail runners. 

Today, this mountain sport has become very different from the complexities that are introduced in it. The design of this product assures high-class performance. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they never fail to expand the limits of possibilities by interchanging ideas into an effort. For maximum action, these are the ideal trail runners. 

Additionally, the sole is near the foot which makes it feel soft and comfy. A mid-sole is also present for extra cushioning and to make it extremely stable for a long time. Due to the design of these shoes, it is super easy to use. It has a single lace for quick tightening. Win every competition with this remarkable shoe.

New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe


  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  • 50% Fabric, 50% Synthetic


  •  Narrower toe box
  • Doesn’t drain/wick sweat very well

This shoe consists of synthetic and fabric in equal measure. This is what creates a mesh-like look on the upper side of the shoe. These trail running shoes are great for off-road use. During all seasons, this will be your perfect partner. Plus, its toe protection blocks the airflow which can be an advantage for those who are preparing to hike in winters.

Don’t worry about stepping into slushy conditions because these shoes are not going to get wet. They are water-resistant to deliver the best performance. These trail shoes are made to last. If you are looking for an all-terrain sole, this is the one for you. Use it on any type of land. To keep your entertainment going, try them on today. Also, they come in different color combinations to suit everyone’s style. 

Besides that, it has a REVlite mid-sole that contributes to its extraordinary responsiveness and strength. The main benefit is the 30% lightweight foam that is cushioned inside it; it’s lighter than other foams with relative performance. It has a molded saddle for an enjoyable journey. 

Remove the word “discomfort” from your memory by purchasing this particular type of trail runner. In addition to this, they are well-built for their price range, which is unimaginably affordable.

3. Salomon Supercross GTX Men’s Trail Running Shoes


  • Waterproof trail running shoes
  •  Comfortable
  • Amazing grip
  • Closure type is lace


  • Lacing solution can cause a concern of loosening up after a period of time

This shoe is unexpectedly versatile. As we have mentioned before, Salomon brings the structures that fit the demands of the customers. You can use these shoes for regular gym exercises or any kind of mountain sport. It is superb for all climates. 

No matter what time of the year it is, don’t hesitate to go on a trail. These shoes are waterproof and will provide an aggressive grip on slippery surfaces. Like the first product that is mentioned in this list, these shoes also offer a tie system that is simple and easy. 

The full GORE-TEX membrane acts as a weather shield and offers climate comfort by keeping your feet dry as you move forward to the final destination. The toe box has room for all shapes of the toe. Because some people have bigger toes, it is very difficult for them to find the perfect match. This trail running shoe is made for everyone who likes athletics. 

For those who often face foot fatigue as a result of continuous movement, this is a brilliant solution for you. Similarly, it is lightweight and breathable enough to provide more fun than you’ve ever had in your life. The design of this shoe opens the door for the progression of physical activities for everyone. This shoe enables us to explore the natural side of our environment. Escape from the stressing schedule and go on hiking with these shoes.

4. Adidas Terrex AX3 Hiking Shoes Men’s


  • Lightweight durability
  • Superior support 
  • Excellent outside grip of the boots


  • Synthetic upper may concern those who like fabric uppera

Adidas is one of the leading sports and shoe brands in the world. Due to their advanced and innovative ideas, they are ruling in this category for a long time. The type of the materials that are used in its manufacturing is synthetic fiber and mesh. When we discuss the exterior and interior structure of a shoe, the rubber sole plays an integral part. And, the shaft height of this shoe touches the ankle.

The mid-sole of this shoe is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate. This is where the stability comes from. By this material, the total weight is successfully dispersed. Also, this material is very close to foam, so it cushions the bottom of your foot. In fact, it is softer than foam.

Therefore, it is known to be very flexible and light in weight. In emergencies, you can carry it around very easily as an extra pair of shoes. With these trail running shoes, you can always be on the go. Enjoy the beauty of nature and connect with the surroundings as much as you can.

These are the components that make it one of the best trail runners for thru-hiking. High-quality materials are used in its structure to tolerate wear and tear. From muddy surface to dry loose sand, it gives awesome traction. Its reliability is a great advantage and adds a significant amount to the selling price of this shoe.

5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe


  • Performance suede leather and mesh upper
  • Bellows, closed-cells foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out
  • Protective rubber cap
  • Breatheable mesh lining Molded nylon arc shank


  • Inability to lock heel region of few users

This is one of the best trail running shoes for thru-hiking because it has a unique style. The trendy look of this shoe allows it to stand out in a crowd.

For long days on the trail, this is what you need. They are made with premium waterproof leather with durable rubber support. Furthermore, it is lightweight, and its foamed tongue keeps the dirt and moisture away from your feet. There’s also heel support and toe cap protection on the footbed of the shoe.

It absorbs shock, which is helpful in providing support. Because it has a zonal arch, it is excellent for all purposes. Either you walk or stand all day, it will protect your feet. With thousands of satisfied customers, this shoe is in demand. 

Not to outdone, this feature prevents sore feet and blisters. Many people prefer a slightly elevated heel over a flat one. It is a preferable choice for such people. This pair of shoes will leave a good impression making you happy on the adventure and beyond.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe prevents sprains too. Ideally, all ages can use it for various purposes. Again, it has a breathable mesh to keep you cool while prohibiting water from soaking in. This makes it adequate for cold and wet situations. These shoes have outstanding adhesion, so it won’t let you go down on the ground.


Finally Yet Importantly

The best trail runners for thru-hiking must have all the features that were mentioned in this review. The comfort of the shoe has the utmost importance for everyone. All of the five models that are reviewed have many bonuses.

Irrespective of the surface of the area, these shoes provide grip. These shoes are made by making sure that all your concerns are resolved. On the other hand, the availability of these shoes in many designs and colors makes them more appealing. The attractive shape of these shoes helps you stay in trend while you go out on a trail with people.

During chilly weather, you need something to keep your feet warm, whereas in a hot sunny climate your feet need to get some fresh air. In such cases, what’s better than getting a single pair of running shoes that work well for every climate.

They are light in weight, which is another benefit. Because on hiking, people already have a burden on their shoulders, so having a light sole saves stamina.

Nowadays, medical conditions like bone disorders are really common. People who suffer from these diseases don’t compromise on support. Generally, they avoid these activities. To get them on their feet again, the soles consist of shock absorbers. In this way, even if you have a certain ailment, you can participate in the trail.

Thru-hiking is the sport that doesn’t only keep you fit, but it also takes care of many diseases. Science has proved that it has a positive impact on people with heart disease and diabetes. For muscle strengthening and toning, it is the ideal exercise. It promotes the release of certain hormones that lift our mood.

Remember, before buying these shoes make sure that it is your size. Every brand has a different measurement. With these trail running shoes, you have one less thing to worry about. Moreover, these shoes are a trustworthy option for everyone.

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