6 Best Tents for Stargazing

For a hiking fanatic and a camping fan, usually opt for the best camping gear to make their journey even more adventurous. That being said, after walking a mile and crossing the rough terrain of the mountain, you need to rest for a while. Or sometimes, for a bonfire session, you may need one of the best stargazing tents for which you can enjoy the eve by looking at the stars late at night and lying down relaxing your body as well. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for such a tent that can hold up to multiple people and is easier to install, then this guide is here to help you with the hunt. With the help of experts, we have compiled a list of the six best tents for stargazing in our guide. So, to know more about them, read along, and you might get to choose the best according to your liking. 

Best Choice


MSR Hubba Hubba NXQ-2

Premium Choice


Coleman Sundome Tent

Best in Budget


Core 9 Dome Tent

Best Tents For Stargazing

1. MSR NX Lightweight Backpacking Tent


  • It is a lightweight tent and easy to carry on the back in the bag packs.
  • The waterproof coating allows you to use it during the rain, and it prevents water entry.
  • It comes with the rainfly, which ensures you a great experience of viewing nature while you lay in the tent.
  • The tent is a roomy and spacious area that can comfortably fit two people.
  • The Easton Syclone poles are strong and reliable, so they help make the tent one of the most resilient tents


  • It stands weakly during strong wind or rain

If you are a fan of trips and hikes, you must want to add a tent to your list. This two people camping tent provides one of the most livable accommodations in a lightweight freestanding design. It comes with a 30D Ripstop nylon with 3000mm and with an Extreme Shield polyurethane and DWR coating on the floor and makes it worth buying.

This tent comes with many features altogether and makes it the best choice for you. With 29 square feet of floor area and a 39-inch internal peak, height makes the tent spacious and can easily fit in 2 persons. In addition, the 17.5 square feet of vestibule area and pole geometry maximizes space.

Being light in weight, the tent can be easily carried along the journey wherever you want to go. The whole setup weighs 3.5 pounds and packs down to 18×6 inches. The minimalist setup option is 3 pounds and includes the footprint, poles, and rainfly. So invest in this tent and set it up easily in no time.

Easton Syclone Poles resist breaking in strong gusts. This tent involves Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating, which lasts up to three times longer than normal waterproof coatings. It includes a tent, a hub and pole system, and a rainfly, along with other features. 

It also has a footprint that is sold separately and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This footprint ensures to give you a comfortable experience and prevents you from getting annoyed by the rocky surfaces to sleep easily.


  • Lightweight: it can be carried easily.
  • Freestanding: it can be moved anywhere in the house.
  • Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating: it protects the tent from water entering inside it.
  • Rainfly: the rainfly allows you to enjoy the view while laying under the beautiful sky.
  • Spacious: it can easily fit two people and let them experience a comfortable sleep.
  • Easton Syclone Poles: these poles firmly fix the tent, attach it to the ground, and prevent the tent from falling apart.

Expert’s Opinion

It is one of the best options for you if you tend to enjoy your trip along with your friends. It is a perfect spacious tent that can be great for you if you’re a couple or a pair of friends. So carry it with you wherever you plan to go and enjoy the experience of this lightweight tent.

2. Sundome Tent Coleman


  • Easy to set
  • Good traveling partner for camping
  • E port is present
  • Easy to handle and carry


  • Back of the tent bows a little bit towards the wind
  • Stakes are just fine

One of the best outdoor activities is camping. If you love to travel, you should buy your camping tents, but before buying a new camp, you should know about which type of camp you want, so make a proper checklist. The checklist helps you to buy a good camp after considering all the important features. Colemen tents give you an environment like a home. You will have a great experience while sleeping in these tents. 

You can place this camp wherever you want, at the side of the or on the top of the mountain or anywhere you want to set up your camp. This Coleman tent is made up of polyester, which helps to bear all the weather conditions as the polyester material is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about the rain and cancel your camping plan due to rain. 

One of the good features of this tent that makes it unique is that the corners are inverted, so it will not allow the water to enter inside the camp and protect your belongings from getting ruined from the water.

It will also stand firmly in its position during strong wind, even at the speed of 35+ mph. If it is set properly, don’t worry about the sudden weather conditions because it is sturdy enough and provides full protection. It is designed following a proper ventilation system. Since some of the tents don’t have a proper ventilation system, and become very suffocated and difficult to live in. Coleman camps, however, have a proper airflow system. Due to the exchange of air, you get refreshed.

An E port facility is also available in this tent, so you feel connected. It is good enough for four persons, and you can set it within no time. The ceiling of this tent is huge, so you can also easily enjoy the view. Some of the other benefits of this camp are that you can easily hang a light not to get scared, and second, from the small zipper area, you can also pass a cord.


  • Wind resistant: stand firmly even in the speedy wind
  • Unique design: corner is inverted so that water will not enter the camp.
  • Waterproof: It is made up of polyester, so it protects in extreme weather.
  • Spacious: It has a wide area and is enough for four people

Expert Opinion

Suppose you are traveling with a group of people traveling then you don’t have to think before buying this tent because this is a very spacious tent and perfectly fits four people. According to the price, this is the best camp present in the market. It will help you and be beneficial for traveling, so don’t waste your time and buy a new camp.

3. Core 9 Dome Extended Tent


  • Tight poles
  • Withhold heavy stormy rainfall
  • Transparent and perfect for stargazing tents
  • Ultralight strength
  • Steeper walls
  • Spacious with the vestibule layout


  • The Poles of the tent are not quite sturdy

If you are low on the budget and still want to get something funky and stylish, camping is essential. For that matter, this tent has stolen the heart of many users. With the copper spur ultra-light, this tent can be seen from distant places, for if someone is lost in the dark, they can easily get back to the track. 

The steeper walls and spacious room allows for about three persons to lay down in it. Moreover, with the smooth closure, this tent creates a simple yet elegant exterior. There is no PVC or VOC as it seems to be taped with water-proof and solvent-free material such as polyurethane tape that makes it resistant to the water.  

Moreover, the storm flaps are present on both vestibule zippers to allow multiple users. Along with that, a substantial ceiling pocket offers enough storage as it contains mesh pockets and has aluminum stakes. Having said that, it has been manufactured with two-toned mesh that also allows for some privacy while sleeping in it. 


  • Waterproof keeps the tent dry from inside
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Spacious Holds more than one person
  • Installation Easier to install
  • Remote tent to be carried alongside backpacks 

Expert`s Opinion

This tent has some exceptional qualities for stargazing nights, but these poles are not yet strong enough to withhold the rough weather.

4. Kelty Backpacking Tents


  • A waterproof rainfly prevents water from coming in and allows you to enjoy the view while laying within the tent
  • It is spacious and can fit in more people
  • It has two doors that increase your options


  • Weak mesh walls can easily get damaged

We have brought one of the best backpacking tents for you. These tents are an amazing choice for you if you want to go on long trips. When you peel back the waterproof rainfly, you can enjoy the beautifully glazing stars. You’ll find plenty of room for your head and shoulders in the tent so you can get a comfortable sleep. So now invest in this amazingly spacious tent.

The tapering tent has a peak height of 42. 5 inches and is 84″ x 50″ in its width. The interior has a total area of 28 square feet. It features two vented vestibules that protect about 18 square feet of space. 

Along with that, this amazing tent is supported by DAC Press-fit poles, which are small and lightweight. So you can easily carry them and fit them in your bags. Two hubbed poles and one Ridge pole are used to set up this tent. Instead of a peak in the middle, this arrangement generates vertical walls, which allow total living area inside the tent and makes it more spacious so that more people can fit in one.

The tent’s floor comprises polyurethane-coated 70 denier nylon with a water resistance rating of 3000 mm. Mesh walls with no-see-ums allow ventilation while keeping unwanted visitors out. Flexible and private access is provided via two doors which makes this tent very popular.

Because the tent is freestanding, you may set it up and move it about to find the optimum location. The rainfly is made of 40 deniers siliconized ripstop nylon with a 1500 mm water resistance rating. To ensure even more weather protection, all seams are tape-sealed so that you can sleep comfortably without being worried about your safety.

Kelty’s Shark Mouth stuff pouch, designed to make stuffing quicker, and reflective guy lines are included with this tent. In addition, the Kelty mud Motel 2P footprint can help protect your tent from the wet ground, roots, and rocks under the tent.


  • Waterproof Rainfly: the rainfly helps you enjoy different weather, the shining stars, and protects you from rain.
  • Freestanding: this allows you to move the tent to any location.
  • Kelty mud Motel 2P: it can protect your tent from getting wet and from the rocks underneath.
  • Two Doors: the two doors allow you to access it through both doors.
  • DAC Press-fit poles: these are compact and light poles that can fit in easily.
  • Spacious: it has more space to fit in your bags and also more people.

Expert’s Opinion

This is the best choice for you if you want a spacious and comfortable sleeping experience while observing nature through the amazing rainfly that may be folded backward for a perfect view.

5. Backpacking Tent Big Agnes


  • It is very spacious with an amazing design
  • Resistant in all weather conditions
  • Helps to relax while viewing the stars while you lie down in your tent
  • A new technique is used for fixing the pole
  • Waterproof and tough


  • It has no footprint, so you have to buy it separately

Camping is the best activity for relaxing because you will feel very refreshing and close to nature. While camping, you can feel nature by living in between the trees & mountains. These tents are made uniquely so that you can use them as you want. Being weather-friendly, they also allow you to enjoy watching thousands of stars from inside of the camp. So, invest in this tent if you love star gazing.

Big Agnes tents also have one remarkable feature of high-volume ultralight, which makes it more desirable. HV UL also helps to maintain the shape of the tent. This makes the walls of the tent steeper, and so the tent will become more spacious. 

The tent’s material is nylon, polyester, and aluminum, making it waterproof and attaches with solvent-free polyurethane, which helps to provide resistance against all types of extreme weather conditions. The maximum rating of waterproof is about 1200 mm.

The total area of the tent is about 18 sq ft which is enough sleeping space for three people. It has an amazing design with two large zipper doors. The quality of the tent is long-lasting and stronger than the previous ones. The poles of the tent are lightest and environmentally friendly because of Featherlite NFL and NSL system. It is very lightweight, about 4.9 pounds, so you can easily carry it during hiking.

Along with a lot of space, it also has ceiling pockets for storage. Pockets are very useful because while you carry many things and need a proper storage place to place them so that these storage pockets resolve half of your problem. An important aspect of setting these tents is that a non-specialist can also set this tent by following any steps. The best thing about these tents is that they come with all proper warranty and specs.


  • Spur HV UL: it helps to make walls steeper and increase the space for living.
  • Waterproof: protect in all extreme weather conditions.
  • Light and environment-friendly pole: provide strength and safety.
  • Long-lasting: the material is durable and strong.

Expert Opinion

If you want to spend a good time or just want to relax with family, this is the best camp for a family trip. This is spacious enough so that you can chill and relax. At night, you can also watch the sky full of stars from inside the camp. This is the best traveling partner if you like camping. Highly recommended if you want to spend your money.

6. Mountainsmith Morrison Tent


  • Lightweight
  • Easier to install
  • Clip-pole attachment connectors
  • Reflective lines across the dome shape
  • Removable gear garret


  • Overall the tent is good, except for the stakes that seem to be of low-quality material

If you are heading out to the site or for a hiking venture, you might want to grab a few things along as well. So when you are thinking about staying a night in the dark starry night, you might want to add a compact and durable tent alongside the backpack essentials. 

As the view on the top of the mountains is astonishing, and one cannot just ignore the gaze upon the stars. Meanwhile, when you opt for the camping tent for your family, you should see the material of which it has been made. Sometimes, when the tent is made from low-quality material, it won`t hold the gushing wind and the high weather altitudes as snowfall or heavy rain. 

Therefore, this ergonomic tent has been manufactured with the high-quality polyester material that makes up for its durability. Besides, it weighs around 5.53 pounds perfectly enough for it to be carried along the hike and is much easier to install. 

This tent is geared with dual doors from which a person can zip them close or open them if they want to breathe the fresh breeze. In addition, some clip pole attachment connectors allow the users to connect them firmly upon the ground so they won`t fly away with the heavy rainfall. 

Along with such interventions, there are perfectly installed tent fly windows that make it subtler for proper ventilation.


  • Mesh store pockets inside
  • Dual vestibular layout
  • Double doors for each person
  • Transparent and florescent mesh material 
  • Aerated camping tent

Expert`s Opinion

This tent has enough space to withhold two persons at a time with the dual vestibular layout, and with the two doors, each person can use either side of the door to avoid further inconvenience.

Buying Guide

What Makes the Best Stargazing Tents?

There are certain features on which the strength of a tent relies upon. With the help of an expert`s review, we have gathered some important factors that might help you find the best tent, among others. 

  • Transparent materials: Firstly, if you are searching for the best stargazing tent, then it must be transparent, and the walls should be see-through. This will enable the person to seek the glossy and starry night.  
  • Insects-proof mesh: You must look for insect-proof material as the mountains are full of mosquitoes, fireflies, and other insects. Some are dangerous, as if one bite could make you suffer a lot. To avoid such things, the mesh material is best put to use. 
  • Rainfly: More often, these stargazing tents are susceptible to rain due to the huge built-in windows and the mesh material roof. Along with that, it gets wet in the heavy rainfall. However, you must look for safety measures as well. 
  • Compact Size & Portability Before getting involved in purchasing a tent for the camping sessions, you need a compact-sized and small tent that can be easily carried alongside your venture. 

Durability: last but not the least, a tent must be made of durable material to offer you a reliable experience.


What would be the best material for star gazing tents?

For considering the ventilation inside the tent, the mesh material is made for it. However, with the heavy rainfall, it would fail to protect you so. For that matter, a PU-coated tent is suggested. 

How can we repel the bugs while camping?

Some tents are made for this matter. Such tents that have built-in summer screens are more suitable. Besides, the mesh material works perfectly for it too. 

What is the main feature to look for the stargazing tents?

They should be see-through and made of mesh material that allows them to see through the tent`s roof. Moreover, the screened porch tents are specifically built for this purpose. 

How to stay dry in a mesh tent?

Some modern tents are made with additional rainfly material. This will keep you and the interior nice and dry. 

What is the purpose of the pockets inside the camp?

These pockets are designed to keep your belongings safe and dry from the weather altitudes and the insects.


We have gathered some useful information with the help of an expert`s opinion for you to find out the best tent for stargazing. There are various options in the market; however, it becomes frustrating to choose among them. So keep reading for it will improve your knowledge about them and eventually get the hang of it. Happy camping!


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