7 Best Rechargeable Lantern

Are you a fan of camping? Else, are you facing a power outage? In these cases, the essential thing you need is a source of light. Having a rechargeable lantern for these emergencies and camping needs would be much beneficial. 

Wondering how to look for a reliable one? No worries, as we have done intensive research to bring out the best rechargeable lanterns for you.

Best Choice


Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern

Premium Choice


UST Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern

Best in Budget


Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact Rechargeable Lantern

Top Picks Of The Best Rechargeable Lantern

Having a researchable lantern makes your camping experience easier so that you’ll never have to worry about your place ever getting dark. 

Here, we have done our research to pick out the best rechargeable lanterns for you. So, let’s look at them one by one.

1. Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern


  • High brightness with adjustability
  • Can charge phone and tablets off-range
  • Easily portable
  • Unique design
  • Reliable solar panel charging
  • Can charge mobiles and tablets even off-grid


  • Not waterproof
  • Pricey

When it comes to rechargeable lanterns, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern tops the list. The Lighthouse 400 has the best quality style with a detailed classic design, structure, and brightness. 

In terms of brightness, the Goal Zero Lighthouse does an incredible job of holding up to 400 lumens. Hence, with a 360-degree light propagation, this lantern produces beaming LED light and can brighten up the whole place when needed.

Weighing 1.1 pounds, what makes this stand out is its solar panel recharging from the Goal Zero Nomad solar panel. If you have a Nomad 14 plus, it will take 2-3 hours. However, if it’s Nomad 20, the charging will only take 1.5hours, or if it’s Nomad 28 Plus, you will need to charge it only for an hour.

Moreover, if you use the built-in hand crank, you can charge at an instant speed. So, they can charge your smartphone through the USB charger from 1.5 to GoPro 3 times.  

Also, they come with collapsible legs and a built-in crank to charge it up instantly for emergencies, like when you are experiencing power outages. 


  • Battery: 4400mAh Lithium battery with 1.5A USB output
  • Components: 1USB cable and 1 LED lantern
  • Modes: 360 degrees dimming modes; can be kept either in full light or half-light mode
  • Adjustable brightness: Directional and adjustable light 
  • Run Time: can run for 2.5 to 48 hours
  • Hand Crank: 1w (cranking at 130 RPM), 1-minute crank = 10 minutes of low light.
  • Dimensions: 4.5 × 5 × 6.5 inches
  • LED Output: 2x3w, warm white LED, 400 lumens
  • Portability: collapsible legs with built-in handles


High adjustable brightness with renewable solar panel charging and easy portability makes this rechargeable lantern our number one option. Purchase Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 lantern now, and you never have to worry about being left in the dark.

2. UST Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern


  • High brightness 
  • Impact and weather-resistant
  • Long-lasting power
  • Versatile 
  • portability
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Fast charging
  • Emergency SOS light option


  • Do not have USB cables

If you are looking for a high brightness range with a reliable long runtime, UST Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern is your best bet.

With a weight of 1.13 pounds, the lantern is easily portable. They have a high-power withholding capacity and can four lighting modes, which can last for a long time. The run time for this lantern is highly impressive as it can last up to 30 days. 

Moreover, these long-lasting lanterns’ construction can resist even the rugged tracks and adverse weather conditions due to its ABS housing plastic case for protection. 

Besides, these come with a bright, clean light giving 700 lumens of brightness. Also, the lantern’s unique design coming with its removable globe features by simply twisting the globe. They have this feature so that you can even use it as an area’s light. 



  • Battery: Powered by three D alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Components: Three 1.4-watt Nichia white LED bulbs and lantern
  • Modes: 4 lighting modes -High, Medium, Low, and SOS
  • IPX4 Water Resistant: protection against dust and heavy water spills, and tough weather conditions.
  • Portability: Built-in Integrated, recessed hooks to hang and removable globe 
  • Run Time: 30 days of runtime on Low, 106 hours on medium, 22 hours on High, and 15 days on SOS flashing


You can tell quickly why this is a crowd favorite as they are highly reliable and long-lasting bulbs with their functional design and impact-withstanding durability.

3. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact Rechargeable Lantern


  • Waterproof and floatable
  • Impact-resistant
  • Portable
  • Easily affordable
  • Takes less space
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Is not dimmable 
  • Does not have a USB port

If you search for a quality lantern but are under a budget, Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact Rechargeable Lantern is a perfect option for you. So, this light-emitting diode weighs 0.95 pounds and has a compact, lightweight design. 

Here, this luminaire is characterization by its ability to float as it can withstand up to 1-meter submersions as these are IPX7 waterproof. They also have a 2-meter impact resistance.

The lantern comes with 540 lumens which have many light modes. These are the best when dealing with emergencies due to their night vision preserving features. Also, this lantern has a removable polycarbonate cover that reduces glare so that you get to illuminate large areas 360 degrees.

Also, the lantern needs alkaline powered batteries, which have a removable key door for efficient movement. 


  • Battery: D cell alkaline batteries 
  • Components: 1 360 degrees cordless LED lantern
  • Modes: five output modes and a battery level indicator built with a power button.
  • Five C4 power LEDs in which four white (high, medium, low) and one red (high). Also, there is a Flash SOS night vision mode.
  • IP75 Water Resistant: Complete water protection for a long time; 1m submersion and 2m impact. 
  • Portability: Removable globe with hanging it upside down through the D ring
  • Runtime: The runtime differs according to the modes, white – high (540LM; 30hrs), medium (275LM; 70 hrs.), Low (55LM;295 hrs.) and Red – high (10LM; 235 hrs.), and Flash SOS (10LM; 430 hrs.)


If you are looking for a quick purchase with a budget-friendly option, the Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact rechargeable lantern is the apt one for you.

4. Black Diamond Apollo Lantern


  • Easily Portable
  • Dimmable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Multi-purposeful
  • Glare-free
  • Can charge electronics


  • The brightness can below 
  • There are many brightness modes options

Our next pick is a lantern that runs on Quadpower LED containing a reflector system where you have dual options. The Black Diamond Apollo lantern has a unique, compact design which weighs only 0.85 pounds. Also, they contain a battery-saving option through dimming so that you can get the optimal amount of light.

Moreover, its optimal brightness has 250 lumens in a diffusible globe for giving clear, anti-glaring light. Running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, these have a USB charging port and cable to chare all kinds of handheld electronics. 


  • Battery: 2600ma power capacity or 3AA batteries
  • Components: 1USB cable and 1 LED lantern
  • Modes: Strobe mode and dimming modes
  • Portability: Comes with foldable stand and collapsible, double-hook hang loop.
  • Adjustable: It has a dimmable, battery-saving button where you press and hold to dim light.


The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern is an ideal option if you search for compact, little-weight lanterns to wherever you want to go. These lanterns last long-lasting Quadpower Led to provide the best user-friendly luminescence.

5. Coleman Twin LED Lantern


  • Dimmable
  • Durable
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Water and weather resistant 
  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Five-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • No USB portal

Suppose you are looking for a long-lasting, good-quality LED camping lantern. In that case, Coleman Twin LED lanterns to fit the bill easily. These lanterns are built for your convenience and contain two brights, Cree Xlamp XR-E LED bulbs that give long-lasting luminance. 

Moreover, you can find these durable lanterns running on 8D batteries, with the LED bulb located in an even-textured tube for giving out smooth evened-out beams of light. 

Also, its beams contain 390 lumens so that you can see clearly on larger areas. These come with a beam distance of 10metres on high mode and 6 meters on low mode. 


  • Battery: eight D-cell batteries (sold separately)
  • Components: Two Cree LEDs (4 Led bulbs and lantern)
  • Modes: 2 lighting modes of high (390LM/ 85 hrs.) and low (100LM/ 299 hrs.)
  • Resistance: Water-resistant against rains and splashes; Weather-resistant enough to withstand adverse climates.
  • Run times: 150 hours on low; 16 hours on high
  • Beam Distance: high – 32-ft. (9.75 m) and low 19-ft. (5.79 m)
  • Adjustability: has a Rotatory dimmable switch with energy-saving light


Coleman makes for a simple, quality LED camping lantern purchase. If you want a lantern that provides even spread-trough light in emergencies and outings, Coleman LED Lantern is the ideal beam distance to light up your area.

6. OLIGHT Olantern 360 Lumens LED Rechargeable Lantern


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Transparent cover
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easily portable
  • Convenient design
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile and multi-faceted


  • Does not contain USB ports

If you are looking for a high-performance giving lantern with 360 degrees even distribution of light, OLIGHT Olantern 360 Lumens LED Rechargeable Lantern is the one. 

So, this optimal lantern for your comping trips comes with two interchangeable LED modules. It comes with one containing white light and the other ambient flicking flame for fun and multi-faceted setting.

These come with replaceable ambient light setting with a detachable transparent cover which you can adjust according to your wish. Moreover, you can recharge it through MCC3 to make it run for lasting 80 hours to help in emergencies.

Also, for better assistance during emergency or dark situations, these have a motion-sensitive battery indicator so that you can easily navigate to your lantern in the darkness. 

These lanterns also come with different brightness options, with the highest being 360 lumens to give your convenient illumination.


  • Battery: 4 x 1900mAh 3.7V Lithium-ion Battery
  • Components: 1 LED lantern
  • Modes: 3 white light modes with 360 Lumens (6.5 hrs.), 120 Lumens (20 hrs.), and 30 Lumens (75 hrs.) and a flaming mode of 1 Lumen (80 hrs.)
  • Run Time: can run for 80 hours
  • Portability: Silicon wrapped hook for carrying, un-slippery sturdy base, detachable cover
  • Waterproof: IPX4 water resistance


If you are looking for a safe but fun lantern with which you can have different illumination experiences, then buying OLIGHT Olantern 360 Lumens LED Rechargeable Lantern would surely leave you happy. These luminaires, designed thoughtfully, these lanterns can be used for many different applications, from camping, dinners, emergencies, and much more.

7. Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern


  • Massive brightness with adjustability
  • Easily portable
  • Unique design
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Weather-proof 
  • Waterproof
  • Safe and long-lasting performance


  • It can be blindingly bright 
  • Doesn’t have a USB portal for charging

These lanterns are perfect if you look for a highly bright and durable luminescence to sustain even the most adverse hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other emergencies. The Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern gives massive luminance containing a magnificent 1500 lumens to withstand these adverse conditions. 

Hence, this monster is made incredibly durable and also has a dimming feature for brightness adjustability. Weighing 1.5 pounds, these are easily portable and have an intelligent made lightweight design. In addition, the ergonomic handle which comes with this lantern gives you can use a sturdy handle so that you won’t drop it even if you are stuck hanging upside down.

Built to give a supreme performance in withstanding extreme situations, these can cool-run non-stop for 5 hours. Also, the lantern doesn’t disappoint when in terms of safety and design, as it has Tri-strip LED lighting to save you in emergencies.


  • Battery: 4 D cell Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Components: 1 1500 lumens LED lantern
  • Modes: 4 modes of max (1500LU/ 1.5 hrs.), high (900LU/3.5 hrs.), medium (500LU/ 8 hrs.), and low (30 LU/ 72 hrs.)
  • Run Time: can run for 5 hours
  • Portability: Ergonomic top handle and built-in retractable base hook
  • Waterproof: IPX4 water resistance rating to sustain rain and spills
  • Weather-proof: Can withstand any dangerous weather from hurricanes, thunderstorms, or power outages. 


Enormous adjustable brightness options to fully lighten up your room, tent, or any other place, this one does it all. Hence, this is the best one to brighten up your night and endure adverse storms or emergent situations.

Things To Consider When Buying A Rechargeable Lantern

Whether you are hiking, fishing, or in any other emergencies, a rechargeable lantern would always come in handy. At first, however, you have to purchase a quality rechargeable lantern to save your money and time from getting wasted on useless or broken ones.

Moreover, while you are out camping or in case of an urgent emergency need, you might have to face difficulties. In those times, a good rechargeable light should be able to aid you and help you withstand them. 

That’s why we have here a buyer’s guide on what features you might need to select when you are purchasing a rechargeable lantern. 


It is no surprise that an excellent, bright illumination is the first feature you need to notice while selecting a lantern. 

You would notice that a quality lantern is not just blindingly bright but gives a pleasant illumination. Thus, these lanterns should make you feel warm and provide the right amount of brightness depending to your needs. 

Sometimes you might want your light to spread to a larger area, and at other times, you want it nearby. So, a too bright or dim light alone does not suffice.

Hence, an adjustable rechargeable lantern is a perfect solution. Also, you can calculate the brightness of the lamps through the lumens. Therefore, choosing one above 100 lumens according to your need would help you select according to your needed brightness. Therefore, look for a quality lantern with a dimmer switch or different modes.

Power Capacity

The power capacity of the battery is another essential factor for a quality lantern. It will help if you are looking for a powerful battery that can hold much power capacity to last for a long time.

Here, a rechargeable battery should have a high-power capacity. Moreover, the power capacity should also be effectively long-lasting and sustain the total power for a longer time.

Also, these batteries should charge your mobile devices and should work well without having to replace them. So, the higher the power capacity, the more quality, and lasting capacity. 

Portable Design

A quality lantern would always be easier to carry to use during your camping and emergencies. So, the rechargeable lantern you select must have a compact and convenient design. 

Hence, you must check whether or not the lantern is suitable for carrying around. Moreover, an excellent portable lantern would be lightweight, space-saving, compact, and carriable.

Therefore, rechargeable lanterns with hangings, magnets, or any hooks to hold are an excellent option.

Lantern Duration 

How much time a lantern would illuminate varies between products. However, it would help if you noticed the duration a lantern can last to not run out of light in emergencies. 

Moreover, this way, you can figure out when it’s charging time and plan according to that beforehand. Also, another vital thing to notice is its charging time. 

So, a lantern that takes less charging time and burns for a long time is better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most frequently asked questions on rechargeable lanterns.


What Is The Best Lumen Range For A Lantern?

You can find the most quality lanterns between the range of 150-350. The higher the lumen range, the more would be the brightness. However, a bright lantern usually takes up more energy and power compared to the dim one. 

You would have noticed that the starting range the lanterns have would be around 40 lumens. 

So, a starting range above 100 can be good for producing nearby brightness. However, you might need more illumination for much larger areas. Thus, a brightness of 200 lumens is for tents and about 300 for more significant camping sites would be optimal. 


Why Choose LED Lanterns? How Are Rechargeable LED Lights Beneficial?

The light-emitting diode (LED) is more long-lasting and durable. Also, it is more advantageous since it’s environment-friendly and cost-effective. 

Hence, LED lights are safe to use and do not cause any harm to you or your surroundings compared to the other incandescent bulbs. 

Moreover, the LED lights are much brighter and more effective. Also, they carry the right amount of warmth needed, so these are not blindly bright. 

Hence, that enhances their aesthetic appeal. In addition, the rechargeable LED light allows repeated battery usage to be more beneficial when you are required to charge any phone. 

Therefore, if you use rechargeable LED lights, you can have a much brighter, perfectly portable lantern for easy traveling. 

What Is The Longevity Of A Typical LED Rechargeable Lantern?

LED bulbs can generally last longer compared to any other bulbs. These lanterns are usually given 30,000 to 50,000 hours for service. So, this means that the LED lanterns can last up generally up to 3 to 6 years.

Since these lanterns use their energy efficiently, they last for a long time. Hence, you might not have to worry about replacing the LED bulbs for a long time.

What Is The Difference Between A Torch And A Lantern?

While you can use a torch and lantern for similar purposes, a significant variation you can notice between the two is that a lantern can illuminate light in all directions. 

While the torch can only produce light on one side and are one-dimensional, a lantern, on the other hand, is multi-dimensional. 

Its design usually uses a torch to focus on a particular path, area, or object. However, you might use a lantern to illuminate your surroundings. 

Also, with a lantern, you don’t need to hold it in your hand and can hang it around wherever you need, unlike a torch.


Using rechargeable lanterns always comes in handy wherever you want to go out for camping, hiking, fishing, or in case of emergencies. Hence, you need to select the best one that suits your needs. 

Hence, we would suggest picking the best one according to your requirements and keeping in mind all the essential features. 

Our pick for the best rechargeable lantern is the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern due to its versatile features and unique functions. However, choose one now that resonates with your needs and find this review helpful.

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