6 Best Hiking Boots Under $100

What a person wears reflects their personality. Moreover, when going on a hike, a person needs perfect hiking gear that offers durability and comfort. With that being said, tough mountain terrain requires a firm grip upon the ground. It is only possible if you have high ankle boots that will protect your feet and ankles. 

You must gather some knowledge before making a purchase. At the high altitudes, there are sometimes sudden climatic changes that include heavy rainfall. After long hours of hike, your feet get swollen up, and sometimes the condition worsens. 

To provide the utmost comfort and durable sole, you will need the best and reliable hiking boots under $100. In addition, to help you make the right decision, we have gathered the six best-hiking boots under $100 of all time for your ease. So let`s dive right into it.

Best Choice


Columbia`s Newton Hiking Boot

Premium Choice


Timberland White Ledge Hiking Boots

Best in Budget


Vasque Women Breeze III

Best Hiking Boots Under $100

1. Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Shoe


  • Completely waterproof shoes to prevent feet from getting infected due to moisture
  • Lightweight shoes are easy to carry
  • Being waterproof allows you to travel over wet ground


  • The tongue of the boot sticks out, making me uncomfortable

These leather boots are presented to you for the best hiking experience. Moreover, the shaft measures around 5 inches from the arch. In addition, these boots are geared with improved technology. Our lightweight, durable midsole provides long-lasting comfort and better cushioning. It also has a high energy return and an advanced traction rubber sole to prevent slipping on tough terrain.

Moreover, the handy features of the boots make them worth the investment. This boot’s waterproof full-grain leather and suede bootie construction, as well as its robust mesh tongue for breathability, make for comfortable days on the trail.

With the induced, multi-terrain traction system matches treads to specific environmental conditions. In addition, a dual-zone winter tread pattern guarantees secure footing on icy and snowy areas. So now buy these classy boots for all of your family members and enjoy hiking on icy grounds.

Furthermore, they are introduced with some additional features. The Newton Ridge hiking boot has a lace-up clasp for a secure and adjustable fit. So now you don’t have to worry about the fitting of the boots you’re buying. With the feminine style with its contrasting color choices and soft suede shell, this women’s hiking boot combines both style and strength to give you the best hiking experience.

Invest in these fashionable waterproof hiking footwear with the grip and comfort you need for challenging terrain or casual walks. 


  • Lightweight: Lightweight boots allow an easy hike
  • Durable midsole: Midsole provides extra comfort and longevity
  • Waterproof: This feature allows your feet to breathe in a hot climate and also keeps moisture out
  • Stylish in appearance: It comes in many colors giving women more choice and attracts women
  • The rubber sole: It provides extra resistance against any kind of ground
  • Lace-up clasp: It is present to ensure secure fitting

Expert`s Opinion

The Newton RidgeTM Plus hiking boot is constructed with high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and durable stitching so that you can keep them for long.

2. XPETI Women's Thermator Mid High-Top Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boot


  • The midsole is cushioned and so is more comfortable to wear on hiking
  • A rubber toe cap protects feet
  • Water cannot enter within the shoes due to the waterproof membrane


  • Poor padding quality in the heel area

Thermador hiking boots are imported shoes and are a perfect choice for trails and hiking among the best hiking boots. Their rubber sole provides resistance against sliding surfaces. Now you can hike on wet grounds as these amazing boots help you to prevent from falling over.

In addition, their upper part is made up of a waterproof mesh and X-DRY technology. The waterproof membrane keeps feet warm and dry during mud and snow hikes by keeping the moisture out of your shoes. This Thermador Women’s casual hiking boots feature special technology to protect your feet, including a molding rubber toe cap. In addition, a molding TPU is present at the heel for ideal protection.

The cushioned EVA midsole makes the boots durable and stable while keeping Warmth in the Cold Weather, which is ideal for your trips in the Snowy climate. More to this, the presence of a midsole within these shows is light in weight and sturdy; even if you’re carrying weight, you can easily move in these.

If you are a frequent hiker, this boot is ideal for you. It will keep you from slipping on the rocks or tripping on the mud, keep your feet dry during hikes through mud and snow. Even if the terrain is mountainous and uneven, you will be comfortable for the entire day. You’ll enjoy them for hiking because they allow you to reconnect with nature and feel at ease.


  • Cushioned EVA midsole: It makes the boots durable and ensures their stability
  • Molding rubber toe cap: It ensures protection of your feet
  • Waterproof membrane: this membrane barrier keeps the feet dry
  • Lightweight midsole: It allows you to travel on rough areas easily

Expert`s Opinion

If you are a frequent hiker, this boot is ideal for you. It will keep you from slipping on the rocks or tripping on the mud, keep your feet dry during hikes through mud and snow. Even if the terrain is mountainous and uneven, you will be comfortable for the entire day. You’ll enjoy them for hiking because they allow you to reconnect with nature and feel at ease.

3. Timberland Women's Mid Ankle Boot


  • Resistant in wet and rough grounds due to rubber sole
  • Keeps the feet dry and prevents blisters and infections by keeping the water outside and maintaining a moisture-free environment for your feet
  • They are comfortable to wear due to padded collar and tongue
  • These shoes can be used for all kinds of trail and can be used as casual as well as work shoes
  • The EVA midsole is present to provide you additional comfort and stability so you can wear them the entire day


  • A thick cushion of the ankle may cause blisters due to constant rubbing while walking on the rough tracks the entire day

These shoes for women are leather mid ankle boots that can be used for hiking and all kinds of rough trails. The rubber sole provides the shoe’s resistance against any wet or slippery ground and helps you stand still without falling over. In addition, a rubber outsole provides much-needed benefits such as slide resistance when touching substances such as oil and acts well as abrasion resistance.

Your feet will stay dry and comfortable in waterproof boots. It becomes critical, especially if you’re hiking in the winter. Hiking with wet feet, in general, might hasten the development of blisters. So invest in these waterproof boots and do not restrict yourself from enjoying your trip fully.

Now you can enjoy the comfort of boots while hiking and invest in boots that match your style. Its stylish appearance and perfectly fitting design make these boots worth buying. So you do not need to look anywhere else for shoes that comprise all such features in one.

The boots also comprise speed lace hardware with lace hooks at the top that is rustproof. The padded collar and tongue provide further comfort. These pads allow you to wear the boots for a long. EVA midsoles give stability against your foot. They are built of a material that can withstand all-terrain, a person’s weight, and all possible stresses experienced while walking or running.


  • Rubber sole: It provides resistance and allows you to walk firmly on the ground
  • Waterproof shoes: Keeps the water out and keeps your feet dry
  • Padded collar and tongue: It provides comfort and allows you to wear them for long
  • EVA midsoles: They are present to give stability

Expert`s Opinion

If you’re looking for men’s and women’s boots, or children’s boots, Timberland has you covered. Choose Timberland for the best hiking boots, work boots, and casual shoes and boots. Timberland’s high-quality men’s, women’s, and children’s boots are the best in the outdoors. We have hiking boots and apparel for all of your outdoor activities, from the trail to the sea to the roads.

4. Vasque Women's Hiking Boot


  • These boots are best for ventilation due to their breathability
  • These are very comfortable
  • The laces are flat; that is why they are less likely to slip than round laces seen on most boots.
  • Very light in weight
  • Perfect choice for summer hikes due to its meshwork
  • These boots are water and oil resistant, so they prevent you from falling


  • The sole is not tightly attached to the shoe

We present to you these amazing hiking boots made up of 100% leather and a strong rubber sole that helps you stay firm on slippery ground. They’re also grease and water-resistant, allowing you to operate securely in damp, muddy, or slippery conditions. 

Use these hiking boots if you are planning to hike on slippery and difficult grounds with reliable durability. These boots are ideal for day hiking in hot climatic conditions. If you want to enjoy the hike with your family with ultimate comfort, these hiking boots are your go-to product. 

The boots have an abrasion-resistant air mesh upper for added durability. This meshwork allows breathability and helps your hot feet get ventilation, and reduces moisture within your boots. This prevents any skin problems that can cause infections and blisters on your feet. So now you can enjoy trails even in hot summers with your family.

Moreover, these waterproof boot requires a balance between lightweight performance and longevity. It has a waterproof membrane that blocks moisture from the outside and helps the inside moisture evaporate. As a result, your feet will stay dry in these waterproof shoes, making them a perfect choice for you.

A dual-density all-terrain compound with EVA cushioning pods and a thermoplastic shank makes up the midsole. TPU shanks in work boots are used to give boot strength, stability, elasticity, and flexibility. 


  • Breathable: It allows ventilation from within the boots
  • Rubber Sole: It helps to stand firm on slippery grounds
  • Waterproof boots: It helps to prevent outside moisture from coming inside
  • Contact grip outsoles: It provides better control
  • Thermoplastic shank: It gives the boot’s strength and flexibility

Expert`s Opinion

TPU shanks are lighter and more resistant to oil and chemicals. In addition, in all weather and terrain situations, Vibram Contact grip outsoles provide greater control.

5. Foxelli Women`s Suede Hiking Boots


  • Long-hours stability
  • Water-resistant material
  • Proper ventilation across the feet
  • Trendy, youthful boots for women
  • Supreme comfort and durability
  • Non-slippery shoelaces


  • As per the instructions and features, these boots are not well resistant to water

With the waterproof technology, here come the top, most breathable, and soft padded hiking boots. Moreover, the dual monochromatic infusion of the colors makes it even more appealing for women. Along with that, these shoes are geared with soft cushioning that also provides utmost comfort during your journey towards the cliff. 

Furthermore, the kingTex material makes them waterproof to seal out any incoming moisture from the dampness of the soil or the rain. Hence, keeping the feet dry and moistened with their ergonomic, high-quality padding. The breathable mesh material allows the safe passage of air circulation towards all directions of your feet, making them stand out even in the harsh weather. 

Along with that, these shoes are lightweight and compact-sized. That makes them easy to let the person walk around the cliffhanger easily. In addition, the well-cushioned collar and the built-in gusseted tongue make them even more reliable under tough terrain. 

While adding more to the list, these boots are compatible with the quality protection they offer from shock absorbent technology. Thus, with the high-quality, stylish boots, you can climb up to high terrain, and along with the ankle support, you won`t be able to strain your ankles. Thus sustaining a perfect angle and balance of the body that keeps you going. 


  • Breathable mesh padding offers proper circulation of air
  • Soft innersole cushioning keeps the feet nice and warm
  • Ankle support protects the ankles from strain
  • Premium design that makes them the most outstanding shoes
  • Durability long-hour stability to the feet
  • Maintains posture and balance corrects the angle of the feet
  • Extra grip over the ground 

Expert`s Opinion

When considering a little adventure upon hiking the rough terrain, you can always go for these supreme quality boots that come under $100. These boots are somewhat water-resistant, but you should not be too excited by this as water could breach through the tiny holes and will slowly wet your feet.

6. Merrell`s Agility Peak Flex 3 Hiking Boots


  • Detachable innersole
  • Properly aerated
  • Shock absorbent
  • Keeps the feet dry
  • Water-resistant


  • Arch support is a bit painful

With the Vibram sole, these vegan-friendly shoes make your life much easier. The last on our -list is the top-quality high-performance rubber sole that makes your journey much fun. With the sharp edges and an anointed edge, you can make your way through the meadows by having a firm grip on the grounds. 

Merrell’s agility flex 3 is the big sister to their widely held hiking shoe by the same properties. Moab is said to be the most wanted among all others. Made of jacquard material, it brings out the most notorious colors within the wide collection.  

Meanwhile, the mesh material allows you to access fresh air and proper ventilation that helps your feet stay nice and warm. Sometimes, your feet get swollen with the long hours of walk, and they start to stink like bad breath. These shows are made with an absorbent material that will absorb the sweating and make your feet cozy to avoid certain embarrassing moments. 

Besides keeping your feet dry from excessive and stinky sweat, these boots are built-in with a fresh and well-regulated system to eradicates odor. However, with the surplus ventilation, you need to keep them water-proof by adding something extra. These hiking boots are better designated to be water-resistant than being waterproof.

These boots are featured with a detachable insole and Vibram sole. That makes them be the best shock-absorbent boots. In addition, these boots hold great value for being such a cost-effective under100. 


  • Ventilation keeps your feet warm and cozy
  • Detachable sole to stay fresh and proper aerated
  • Absorbent to sweaty feet and also are shock absorbent to avoid dangerous strain upon the feet. 
  • Supportive and comfortable towards the reliability and durability

Expert`s Opinion

These are so far the best shoes under$100 that will surely lift your mood and boosts your energy.

Buying Guide

Certain factors should be looked upon while making a purchase. If you are a newbie or want to replace your old worn-out hiking boots and have a limited budget, this guide will surely help you hunt. 

You must do a little homework to know what will suit you the most in the harsh weather. Moreover, if you are walking down a path on rough terrain, your boots must offer you protection and extra comfort to ease the pain of your swollen feet. 


While going on a hike, you must put on those shoes that hold less mass and weight. For it will add another burden to your soul and mind that will make you exhausted before you fulfill your destiny. You should go for the ones that require less energy and offer more support to your feet. Try to make sure to select a hiking boot for $100 that adds just about an equitable weight. The lighter, the better it will be.


Almost all of the brands claim to have a waterproofing mechanism. However, not all boots are waterproof. Some resist water but up to a certain limit. At the same time, some are not even a bit resistant to water. 


As per the instructions, ventilation to one`s feet is a necessary element. Moreover, if the boots you are wearing do not have proper aeration, that will worsen your feet’ condition. Besides, choose the one that is waterproof as well as breathable. 

So go for the ones that have mesh material for the proper circulation of air around your feet. That will surely reduce the stinking smell of your sweaty feet.


  • Do these boots are manufactured to be water-proof?
  • Yes, some of them are waterproof hiking boots, while some are simply resistant to water. 
  • How do these shoes work on rough terrain?
  • These shoes are geared with the studs that are placed beneath them to form a firm attachment upon the ground. This makes them the most reliable hiking companion. 
  • What synthetics are useful in these boots?
  • Polyester, Nylon, and suede stuff is the most demanding feature in these shoes. This makes them lightweight, durable, and the most comfortable companion. 
  • What good midsole provides to the feet?
  • It provides cushioning and a soft atmosphere to the feet, especially when carrying a heavyweight on their backs. 
  • How can we tie the laces of the hiking boots?
  • Tying a knot of the laces acquires the comfort one wants while wearing the shoes. Tie the lace to the last hole and adjust their fitting according to your feet.


With the help of an expert`s opinion, we have gathered some important information to help you make the right choice. Hiking requires the most durable and comfortable boots that will help you walk on tough terrain. 

Along with that, they would be able to give your feet enough support by keeping the ankles in the right place. This will keep them getting strained from the injuries. In addition, hiking boots must be able to absorb the shock and sweat from the feet. This will make your journey comfortable and cozy. Hope this might give you insight into your favorite hiking boots, as these are the most wanted hiking boots of all time. Thank you!

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