10 Best Camping Stoves

At the end of a trail or after long hours of hiking, your body will surely need some fuel to recharge again. Among other things, camping gadgets should be compact and lightweight. That will add less weight to your backpacking essentials and enable you to hike through the toughest terrain. For that reason, we`ve come up with the ten best camping stoves of 2021 to make your grilling sessions more thrilling and adventurous.

Best Choice


Coleman Propane Stove

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Camp Chef Explorer Camping Stove

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Coleman Butane Stove

10 Best Camping Stoves

1. Coleman Propane Camping Stove


  • Outdoor cooking stove
  • Propane gas 
  • Pressure control
  • Requires less fuel
  • Even heat retention
  • Wind-blocking panels


  • Stoves have a short area which makes it difficult to use both at the same time

The perfect grilling of your favorite food requires a sturdily designed and the best cooking stove. However, if you are thinking of hiking to reach the top of the mountain with massive gravity, you will need compact and lightweight camping gear. 

To help you with that, Coleman has provided their one-of-the-best camping stove that will offer you maximum durability. Among its other specification, it requires liquefied petroleum gas and works like an oven. 

While packing essentials in your backpacks, food is the major and the most important thing that requires detailed attention. Besides jumping up from one rock to another, walking down on the long terrain, and climbing heavy, heavy rocks make you hungry. 

That`s why you will need a lightweight and sturdy little stove that will help you cook instant and delicious meat. Along with that, it comes with adjustable burners control buttons. Moreover, you can tune-up to different temperature shafts by rotating them in circular rotation. 


  • Advanced heat technology offers complete combustion food grilling by using minimum fuel.
  • Pressure control offers steady heat to work perfectly even in cold weather.
  • Wind-Block Panels can be used as pans or sheaths to prevent excessive air contact with the heat. 
  • Matchless ignition built-in electric spark that ignites the stoves with just a little push. 
  • Clasp protection offers a heavy-duty clasp to protect the stove from getting scratched and avoid damage. 


Easy to remove griddles and requires less fuel but offers stabilized and even retention of heat. Moreover, it cooks food instantly from all sides. Along with that, it also offers a pressure regulator that helps in controlling the temperature to the optimum level.

2. Camp Chef Explorer Camping Stove


  • Domed ceiling design
  • Even  heat retention
  • Minimizes hot spots
  • Portable 
  • Sturdiness
  • Conversion of flames into infrared rays


  • Griddle gets hot and melts everything that comes in contact with it

If you`re an adventurer or thinking about going on a hike, this here is an ideal choice for you. Moreover, with minimalistic entailing, you will be getting yourself a complete package. Furthermore, this sturdily designed camping stove is durable and a multipurpose stove.

Having said that, it comes with multipurpose unit packs that contain enough power up to 30,000 BTU burners to let the water boil instantly. Whereas, if you are hunting or tailgating at your favorite sports, this will make your mealtime more fun. 

Hence, with this exquisitely designed camping stove, portability has been the basic element of Camp Chef aluminum burners. With the help of windscreen panels, you will be able to stop the wind that will turn off the burners. It also prevents the dirt from getting mixed with the food. 


  • Pellet grill burners offer versatility in your cooking sessions
  • Pressure regulator inclusive of a hose and a pressure regulator
  • Cast-aluminum burners for even heat retention
  • Removable legs make it portable and lightweight to carry around
  • Outdoor griddle 
  • Three-sided grilled screen


We have found it the most replenishing and sturdy due to its compact and lightweight design. It makes it even more appealing to the eye. Moreover, with the help of a pressure regulator, it is easier to adjust the flames according to the meat requirement.

3. Coleman Stove with Carrying Case


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and small


  • Sometimes butane may runoff

For traveling, you always need a small stove so that you can easily carry & handle it. Coleman stove is your perfect camping partner and fulfills all your requirements. The size is made according to your need while traveling. The item weight is only 4.68 pounds and will not take a lot of space in your car.

The ignition is present on the side, and you can easily adjust the flame. The stove base is pretty much wide, so don’t worry about adjusting a large cooking pan on it. It has the capacity to fits up to a 10-inch pot. The fuel used in the Coleman stove is liquified petroleum gas. This stove is very easy to clean as it is the only single stove, and it is made up of porcelain and aluminum material.

It takes very little time to prepare delicious food. You will not get tired while taking it to your destination because its carrying case also comes along with this stove. At the same time, hiking so you can hold it from the handle without taking any stress.


  • Adjustable flame: with the dial, you can adjust the temperature 
  • Easy cleaning: remove all stains from that material
  • Carry case: easy to hold from the handle


Best for cooking while camping or during small picnics and trips comes with all required features.

4. Coleman FyreCadet Camping Stove


  • Even heat retention for the proper grilling of meat.
  • Highest quality burners
  • Interchangeable cooktops
  • Wind block panels to protect the stove from excessive air
  • Cooks food instantly


  • The pressure regulator isn`t of much use. 
  • Food burns from outside while staying uncooked from inside

With an exquisitely designed outlook, this perfect camping companion is a must-have in your backpack. That being said, it offers versatile features with a minimalistic approach. Along with that, it has the most stylish burners that let you cook the food in no time. 

Moreover, if you feel hungry after tiresome hiking, you can always take a rest in your camping tents and enjoy a happy meal with your companions. With that being said, it provides even retention of heat to the grilling of your favorite meat. 

Furthermore, while sitting in a peaceful environment, serve your family and companions a happy meal cooked on this ergonomically designed camping stove. The innovative and advanced technology offers even heat distribution across all sides of your skillets or pans. 


  • Even heat distribution transversely all sides of the skillet
  • Interchangeable cooktops let you clean the burners easily
  • Wind block panel supports the burner from wind
  • Instant push button makes your cooking experience much easier
  • A pressure regulator lets you control the temperature.


Except for the pressure regulator, it works best to offer maximum and even heat retention across the grill to cook your favorite meal.

5. Camp Chef PG24MZG Camping Stove


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Even heat retention
  • Cook steaks, grill, and Braise your favorite meal
  • Smoke setting
  • Wood-fired flavor


  • None found

While hiking the top of a mountain, the things you are taking alongside the essentials must be of lightweight and compact size. It should contain basic features that will serve you whenever in need. 

Moreover, this ergonomically designed stove is easy to assemble and easier to install. You can set it anywhere you find suitable. Make sure to set it outside the tent, or else you will end up burning everything down. 

Along with that, it enables you to do multiple things like grilling, roasting, and above all, you can also enjoy BBQ with your friends and family. Therefore, the sweet and delicious smell of the wood-fired flavor makes your appetite grow stronger. 

Furthermore, it is easier to clean as the panels can be detached and make it simple for you. Sometimes you accidentally drop or spill the food upon the stove. However, with a built-in exclusive ash clean system, you will have a worry-free experience as it keeps the stove neat and clean. 


  • Ash cleanup system keeps the stove neat and clean
  • Direct flame mode cooks steaks perfectly
  • Adjustable top-shelf is more convenient with instant cooking sessions
  • Smoke setting


It is so far the best pellet smoker camping stove that has a luxurious outlook. It also makes your cooking session less effortful. Moreover, it also gives your food a flavor and makes it even more delicious.

6. Cuisinart CGG-059 Camping Stove


  • Easy to use
  • Instant ignition
  • Lightweight to carry around


  • Crooked burner and cheap quality

Among the best products in our top-rated list, this here fulfills all the basic requirements of a stove. It is said to be the most wanted camping stove of all time for the best and lightweight camping gear. 

Moreover, it consists of a propane tank that uses very little fuel for grilling purposes. That being said, it is easier to carry around while tailgating for your favorite meals out in the wild woods. 

Along with that, this sturdily designed grit also comprises a drip tray that collects the leftovers. If you accidentally drop or spill the food over it, it will make sure that your stove and burners stay clean. 


  • The locking lid latches downward and protects it from getting scratched. 
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Instant ignition with the start button you can easily ignite the burner
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hinged lids rotate and access the grate easily
  • Perfect for grilling, cooking steaks, and BBQ.


It is the perfect size for two people. It gets very hot and the temperature setting doesn’t adjust well.  The handle to open the grill top is metal. It would be better if it was made of a heat resistant material. Must use a potholder.

7. Coleman Hyperflame Fyresergeant 2 Burner 3-IN-1 Propane Stove


  • You can easily adjust the temperature.
  • The fire spread equally around the pan


  • Different type of sound produces while cooking

While organizing a camping plan first thing that comes to your mind is food. Many people prefer to cook food by themselves. For cooking, you need a small stove that is easy to carry and lightweight. Coleman burner is just the perfect part of your small adventures. You can start your cooking by pushing only one button.

This is made up of the best quality material. Therefore, it is a liquified petroleum gas fuel type burner, and the power source is propane. If you want to treat your family in no time, this is one of the best options because it cooks fast food. You don’t have to wait too much because on this stove cooking time is half than other.

Moreover, the exquisitely designed burner’s temperature is adjustable according to the size of the pan, and one more impressive quality is that there is a wind barrier around the stove so that they cover the flame so that the fire will not be able to blow out. But a certain amount of oxygen reaches the stove to start the fire. It also comes with grill gates.


  • Adjustable burner: easily handle the temperature
  • Wind barrier: cover the fire from wind
  • Cover lid: easy to carry while traveling


Easy to start and adjustable burner. Cooks’ food quickly and is suitable for camping.

8. Happy Grill Camping Stove


  • Three stoves with dense holes
  • Adjustable burner and detachable legs


  • Heavyweight and difficult to adjust in a car

If you are an adventurous person, then you will love camping. While camping in the middle of the mountains, you have to be fully prepared like you need food and other necessary things. So, if you prefer to cook food yourself, then a happy grill is the best stove for cooking.

If we talk about the features, this stove comes with three burners, and the fuel type is liquified petroleum gas. The stove’s body is made up of high-quality steel that protects it from rusting and waterproof. A separately adjustable heat dial is present on the front side, so you can easily set the temperature according to your need.

Detachable legs are a very good addition to a camping stove because you want to stand or sit while cooking. This stove also ensures your safety while cooking. It is very easy to set wherever you want. The fire spread equally around big or small pans.


  • Waterproof and anti-rusting: good quality steel is used
  • Adjustable temperature dial: you can easily set the flame as you want
  • Detachable legs: depends on the preference
  • Easily set up: follow the instruction and set this without any effort


It is best for camping, but you can also use this outdoor on your lawns. Easy to set and handle coo food quickly.

9. Gas ONE Stove Propane or Butane GS-3400


  • It is easy to operate
  • It works on automatic ignition
  • An adjustable heat dial is present, allowing options of heat


  • Poor quality of Regulator

We have brought to you one of the best stoves which are automatic. The piezoelectric ignition allows you to escape the hassle of carrying matches or lighters to ignite a flame. Now get rid of this extra stress and simply invest in this amazing stove that works on the self-ignition principle and so is one of the best options as a camping stove.

The stove comes with open options of fuel as it has a dual fuel feature. It is compatible with both butane and propane and works on a single butane cartridge of 8 oz or a cylinder of about 16.4 oz of propane. A propane converter regulator is also included along with the stove. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and invest in the Gas ONE stove. 

This stove is easy to operate and is easy to adjust the heat using a heat dial. While making the stove, extra measures were taken to make it safe for you. The stove has a built pressure sensor cartridge ejection system and a gas flow mechanism cut off. The stove can eject cartridge when there’s any pressure detected which is off the regular charts. 


  • Piezo Electric Ignition: Allows self-ignition of the stove without using matches and lighters
  • Dual fuel: It does not restrict you for fuel
  • Easy to use: It saves your time and allows you to use it without any difficulty
  • Adjustable Heat Dial: This allows you to adjust the heat accordingly


The Gas ONE stove s advised due to its heat dial-adjustable feature and easy functioning. You can buy them for all your trips with family or friends.

10. Coleman Fold N Go 2-Burner Propane Stove


  • The compact structure of the stove makes it easy to carry anywhere with ease.
  • It has an automatic ignition system that works only by pushing a button and does not require a match stick


  • It is slightly bulky

This portable burner is introduced to you that will resolve many of your problems while you’re on the go. It is a 2-burner propane stove that is ideal for camping, picnics, and trips. Now you can cook your food even if you’re away from home.

It is a perfect-sized stove that can fit in 2 pans perfectly, each of which can be about 10 inches. Cooking power of 20,000 BTUs can be produced by the stove. Its compact structure makes it a perfect choice to be carried in the back of your car for long trips.

The stove has a pressure control technology that helps it deliver a consistent amount of heat in outdoor weather conditions. The stove runs for an hour with both the burners using a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder to be bought separately. Invest in this InstaStart ignition stove which a simple push of a button can start.


  • It fits two pans. It can fit two pans on the stove to cook more food in less time.
  • Cooking power 20,000 BTUs: Cooks food perfectly and efficiently
  • Compact structure It can fit in the back of your car, taking less space
  • Self-ignition starts with a button


This amazing compact stove is of perfect size and can be easily used anywhere. So now take this stove to all of your trips and enjoy your homemade food.

Buying Guide

Suitable size

While camping you have to carry many things with you, so you prefer to take only small and basic things. So, if you want to buy a stove for camping or a small trip, then prefer a stove that will easily adjust in your car and camp. The stove should not be too much large, and then you will face difficulty in handling it.

Adjustable flame dial

Separately adjustable temperature dial should be present to easily high or low the flame from the dial. If you cannot adjust the flame, your food will burn while you are not around. You will feel safe and secure if an adjustable burner is present.

Wind blockage barrier

A wind barrier is present around the burner in new and stylish stoves, so your flame doesn’t blow off during violent wind, and you don’t have to phase difficulty while cooking. The barrier should be designed so that a necessary amount of air should reach the burner to start the fire.

Easy cleaning 

To clean a stove easily depends on the type of material. If the stove is made up of good quality steel, it protects your stove from rusting and is also waterproof. But the stove that is made up of porcelain and aluminum is also very easy to clean. Make sure to buy an easy-to-clean stove, and you don’t get tired while cleaning.

Carrying case & cover lid

The stove for camping should properly cover in case you can hold it from the handle while hiking. You have to use only one hand if a handle is present on the case. The most important thing is to cover the lid because, in open areas, there are many insects and dust, so that a burner should be covered after cooking.


What should I look for in a camping stove?

Look for stoves that can simmer and are solid enough to accommodate large, heavy pots and pans. For larger groups, stoves that can fit in more pans at a time are suitable.

Is Butane or propane better for the camp stove?

Propane is the most commonly used fuel for stoves that are used for camping purposes. Although some of the stoves also run-on butane, propane has been the best fuel for camp stoves.

Can you burn propane in a butane stove?

Both butane and propane are gases that can be burnt. Butane is although a high-density fuel compared to propane. However, if you add propane to a butane stove, it will work just fine.

How many BTUs do I need for a camp stove?

Stick to a single burner 10,000 BTU stove for outdoor cooking for small families. For larger gatherings, you may add a few more heating elements. Most of the families won’t need more than a 20,000 BTU propane.

How long does a butane stove last?

8oz butane canister burns for about 2 hours at high heat and takes 4 hours at a simmer.


Based on research and experts` reviews, we`ve come up with the ten best camping stoves for your hiking gear. Each one has been checked properly and got some unique features that will surely make your grilling of your favorite meal becomes more enthralling and adventurous. 

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