6 Best Camping Cot Tents

Are you an adventure lover? Do you love to set up camp outside amidst the greenery? Well, if you do, you’d be glad to experience the camping cot tent set-ups. Cot tents are convenient, offering more than just a shade but also a space to sleep.

With all the striking features that a cot tent may have, it can be challenging to get yourself the best of the best. So, to help you with your purchase, our experts have summed up the top picks among the best camping cot tents in the market.

Best Choice


GYMAX Camping Tent Cot

Premium Choice


Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Best in Budget


TANGKULA Tent Cot 1-Person

Top Picks of The Best Camping Cot Tents [2021]

As much as it can be overwhelming to select the best camping cot tent with all the required features alongside convenience, we got you covered. Here are the 6 best camping cot tents for you to choose from.

1. GYMAX Camping Tent Cot


  • Weather-resistant
  • Awning available
  • Highly elevated
  • 4-in-1 unit
  • Reasonable value


  • Somewhat noisy
  • Lesser storage pockets

Highlighted for its waterproof facilities, the Gymax camping tent cot can accommodate two people and also has the option for a single-seater capacity. The single cot tent has 76″ x 57″ x 71″ dimensions and is incredibly lightweight weighing 29 pounds.

It is made up of heavy-duty 420 PU coated Oxford. Plus, the tent cot features a 600D waterproof material which makes it possible to use it on rainy days. The tent is also sunlight-proof along with being drizzle-proof. Its frame metal offers the tent vital support, firmness, and durability.

Versatile as the Gymax Camping Tent Cot is, you can use its four components individually or all together. It comes along with a bed, tent, air mattress, and sleeping bag.

Moreover, the large doors of the tent make entry and exit convenient and easy with super ventilation and its awning supported by two poles.

The tent offers a 20-inch elevation from the ground, making it one of the highest tent cots easily portable in a carry bag.


  • Resistance and Durability: Highly durable and resistant to heat and drizzle
  • Elevation: 20-inch elevation making it one of the highest tent cots
  • 4-in-1 Camping Combo: Features a bed, tent, air mattress, and a sleeping bag in a single camping kit
  • Comfortable: Sleeping bag available along with the air mattress that can be inflated with the equipped foot pump
  • Easy-to-set-up and carry: Lightweight and convenient carrying features available 

Expert’s Review

With the additional features, the brand has not compromised with its quality and safety features. It is a package of essential features along with bonuses that will make your camping trip fun.

2. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


  • Lightweight
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • 11-inch elevation from the ground
  • Convertible to a lounge chair
  • Pest control facilities


  • Poor waterproofing features

The Kamp -Rite Tent Cot – ultimate problem-solvers for all camp lovers. Not only is it an effective tent, but it also features a comfortable cot for you to sleep on or chat with your buddies.

Amazingly, you can even use the Kamp-Rite as chair or lounger with the added convertibility features. The tenting equipment weighs 32 lbs with an 11-inch frame from the ground.

Not only is the frame effective at holding the tent up straight, but it also prevents cold or wet particles as well as critters from invading your sleeping space.

Overall, the cot tent can hold up to 350 lbs of weight and is robustly strong, supporting larger people easily.

Additionally, the inside of the tent is spacious. It is about 90 inches long and 32 inches wide. It is lightweight and is easily portable to campsites.

You can also carry this tent for camps even in rainy weather conditions. The material of the tent is highly durable and waterproof. The thick nylon fabric of the tent protects you from drizzles though not so much from strong downpours. Understandably, steady rain might bring some moisture inside the tent cot.


  • Functionality: Multi-function hinge design
  • Frame Support: Powder-coated aluminum steel frame supports the holding capacity of the tent
  • Versatility: Convertible to chair or lounge
  • Material: Made of heavy-duty 190T Nylon fabric
  • Cot Comfort: Sturdy cot

Expert’s Review

The tent offers ample space for 2-3 people of medium size that make up to 350 lbs in weight. They would have no safety issues given that the cot tent is 11-inches elevated from the ground. Moreover, the tent is supported with an aluminum steel frame that holds the capacity strong enough.

3. TANGKULA Tent Cot 1-Person


  • Durable materials
  • Waterproof design
  • Rain fly available
  • Easy to set up
  • Cost-effective
  • 12-inches elevated above the ground
  • Simple yet quality build


  • Relatively less spacious

Tangkula Tent Cot, made for a single person, is great for you if you are a solo camper. It is waterproof and also comes along with a rain fly. With such protection, you need not be worried about rain getting seeped into the tent.

When it comes to supporting, Tangkula has made the tent cot extra sturdy and strong. Irrespective of the weather, you can expect an up-straight tent strong and stable at its position.

Moreover, it is simply easy to set up this cot tent. It would barely take you 10 minutes to set up this cot tent with even extra time in your hands.

It is elevated from the ground by 12-inches protecting you from any insects, bugs, or reptiles on the ground. The durable and high-quality materials of the cot tent make it last for long years.

If you are looking for a lightweight, easily portable, single cot tent that fulfills your requirements as a solo camper, this would be ideal.


  • All-in-One Combo: Comes along with a full bedding set, an air mattress, and an inflatable pillow
  • Easy to Set Up: It takes only a few minutes to set up camp
  • Comfortable: The air mattress is soft and comfy
  • Water-Resistant Design: Along with being water-resistant, it also comes along with a rain fly

Expert’s Review

An inflatable pillow separates the Tangkula single-person cot tent from similar versions while offering a valuable option for solo campers. Moreover, its sturdiness and stability are commendable.

4. Yescom 1-Person Folding Tent Cot


  • 14-inch elevation from the ground keeps your tent dry and protected
  • Non-slip plastic stands
  • Large zippers on doors for privacy and convenient entry
  • Foldable and easy to put up


  • Poor water resistance

Yescom has brought up the single-person version of their cot tents for all solo campers. The cot tent is made of PU-coated Oxford and is water-resistant. It protects you from drizzles and even the snow. So, even if it’s snowy, you can make it fun going on a camp with this tent cot.

The weight capacity of this cot tent is up to 330 lbs and is entirely stable with its four non-slip plastic stand support. The tent is also light in weight at 29 lbs making it easy to carry them even for longer hikes or treks.

It is elevated 14 inches above the ground to protect you from rocks, dampness, or other small insects.

The tent cot is considerably warm. Thus, you may not need to carry any extra weight that might have your blankets or comforters.

The polyester mesh lining offers sufficient breathability while also preventing mosquitoes and bugs from flying inside the tent.

It is a great find if you love camping on unusual days and also enjoy solo camping adventures.


  • Spacious: Ample space available
  • Elevation: 14 inches elevated above the ground, protecting you from insects
  • Easy to set up: It is pretty easy to set up the tent
  • Air Ventilation: The Polyester Mesh lining offers ample breathability while also keeping the mosquitoes and flies away
  • Waterproof Fabric: The fabric is water-resistant and also prevents heat from entering

Expert’s Reviews

One of the most convenient and simple designs of single tent cots makes a valuable impact. Its high ventilation is an excellent feature, and the easy to assemble features make it pretty easy to use.

5. Outsunny Extra-Large Tent Cot Air Mattress Combo


  • Versatile with various functionalities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Valuable


  • Quite heavy

The top-notch quality of the Outsunny Extra-Large Tent Cot Air Mattress Combo is what separates it from the rest of the cot tents in the market. This extra-large version of the cot tent is a sleeping system convenient for two adults.

It is a floorless tent with an inflatable air mattress that you can inflate with a pump and a comfortable bedspread.

Being a 4-in-1 sleeping gear, you can use the features all at once and combined, or you can separate each of them according to your preferences.

Outsunny has made the cot tent out of nylon and canvas fabrics that provide heavy-duty quality and are robust. It can carry a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs. The cot tent is 76 x 53.5 inches and is elevated at a level of 16.5 inches from the ground.

The snuggly mattress makes you feel like you’re resting in your own bed. Plus, the bedspread feels cozy, assuring a fun adventure in your camping destination.

When you go camping, you can use the cot and the air mattress separately to make up for the guest who may have paid a surprise visit midway.


All-in-One Camping Combo: Features a cot, tent, air mattress with a pump, and a bedspread

Detachable Parts: All the parts, including the cot and the air mattress, can be used separately as per preference

Inflatable Mattress: Easily inflatable mattress with the pump feels comfy

Tough Build: Robust build material

Expert’s Review

The 4-in-1 Outsunny Extra-Large Tent Cot Air Mattress Combo makes it easy to pack for camping as it comes all in one single pack. The strong build makes it easy to accommodate heavier people while also making extra space for guests by separating the parts.

6. Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot


  • Easy to set up
  • Stable
  • Protects from insects
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • No windows on the narrow sides

The Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot is the larger single-size cot tent. The features are same as the smaller version and have the 3 in 1 feature in this version too.

Both the tent and the cot is of use separately. The cot tent by Kamp-Rite is, thus, quite versatile, offering multiple usability features.

You can expect to get polyester, two zippered, and mesh entry doors with the cot tent. The cot’s frame can hold 500 lbs.

Additionally, the Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot is collapsible. This means that you can easily carry it in a 12 x 12 x 45 inch compact bag. Plus, you also get rain fly with this model with doors on each side. This makes to be the real deal when it comes to setting up camp on a rainy day.

The bonus is that this tent is usable inside big family sized tent too. Or, you can even use it at home or bed in case of emergencies.

The tent can be used as a backpacking tool. It can be used along with its cot while camping and then carry the pack while mountaineering or hiking later.


  • Elevation: Elevated tent protects you from soil moisture or bugs and insects
  • Heavy-duty 210D Tent: Durable and strong material
  • Versatile: 3-in-1 features available
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs

Expert’s Review

The 3-in1 features of the Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot make it ideal to use in different weathers and for various purposes. Moreover, it is strong, sturdy, and stable without compromising the quality of the cot tent.

Things To Consider When Buying A Camping Cot Tent

While it can be convenient and comfortable camping with a cot tent, selecting one with true-to-claim features is considerably difficult. Therefore, here are some points to consider before making your purchase of your ideal camping cot tent.


There are two types or rather two capacity types of cot tents: Single and Double Tent Cot.

  • Singe Tent Cot: If you’re a solo camper, you’d probably opt for a single tent cot. Although it would fit only a single person, the other features should remain the same. You’ll find many brands that feature more facilities for single campers.
  • Double Tent Cot: The tent cot offering ample space for two people comes with the same features as found in the single tent cots but for two people. For instance, you’d have more space so that you can take your best friend or your partner out camping.


The quality of the tent cot you purchase is vital. It ensures your safety when you’ve set up camp at the tip of an iceberg. It is the quality that will set off all the mishaps, keeping other things in place.

Either nylon or polyester is most commonly found among cot tent materials. These are long-lasting materials. Moreover, make sure to run a weight capacity check before buying a cot tent.

Some cot tents offer a weight capacity of only 225 lbs which can be problematic for heavy people. It is important to look for well-known and established brands you can trust in quality and safety features.

Make sure that the materials and the production processes of the tent are all top-notch.


The size and the elevation of the tent are two important elements to be specific about. It depends on who is going to use the tent. Make sure to get the one that has the perfect size for the ones who may be using the tent.

Also, ensure that it is lightweight enough so that you can carry it easily to the camping site. Mostly, tent cots offer 10-20 inches of elevation from the ground. This adds up to the sturdiness and stability of the tent.


You should lookout for the ideal weight of the tent so that it is not bulky. A heavy cot will do nothing but add to the stress of carrying it to the campsite or your hiking stop.

It is crucial to choose a cot tent that suits your trip’s nature. If you aren’t going on a trek or a hike, the weight of the cot tent isn’t a big deal. However, if your camping trip has such plans, it would be best to choose a lightweight but strong cot tent.


The value of the cot tent depends on several factors. Starting from its features, its functions, to its manufacturers, the tent’s value counts it all. Some brands seem to offer both the tent and the cot at reasonable rates together. But others sell them separately, which may be a bit pricey for your budget.

However, you can still make a good match between the two if you have some savings. You can get a great combination with the essential features and perhaps with some additional ones too, like a strap or a bag, a sleeping pad, or even a rain fly.


Durability is one of the crucial features of any feature of a product. All of us like most of what we purchase. Moreover, since you’d be using the cot tents for outdoor experiences, it would be best to choose one that lasts for long years.

To understand the durability of the tent that you purchase, you need to check their materials. Analyzing the material that they’ve used shall give you a better idea about their build and durability.

Other Features

There are some additional features to look for when buying a cot tent.

  • Cot Tent Materials: Whether you’re buying nylon, canvas, or other material plays a crucial role here. You need to get a lightweight material like aluminum, but you should also look for the ones that are strong and are made of steel.
  • Seams, Zippers, Clips, Components: It’s worth the price when you look into such minute details of the cot tent you purchase. Ensure the high quality of the material prevents leaks, rips, corrosion and makes your tent more durable. Good zippers are always helpful in the dark when your hands aren’t available at the moment, are wet, or there are other distractions.
  • Sleeping Pad Attachment Points: While some cot tents aren’t securely close to each other and thus don’t need a sleeping pad, others might. Sleeping pads ensure you don’t need any shifting during bad weather.

Ventilation: Some conventional tents build up moisture within their interior that may condense and drip on your belongings while camping. To avoid this, make sure to look for a tent cot that has multiple ventilation options to maintain the airflow even in poor weather conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about camping cot tents. 

Are Tent Cots Waterproof?

Cot tents are originally waterproof, allowing you to camp even in rainy weather conditions. However, they aren’t as water-resistant as conventional tents. You can spray waterproof coating and pitch it well to prevent leaks.

What’s The Difference Between A Single Tent Cot And A Double Tent Cot?

The primary difference between a single tent cot and a double cot tent is the people’s capacity. It refers to the number of people the cot tent can hold. While single cot tents are made for a single person, double tent cots are made for two people.

Do You Need A Sleeping Pad Or An Air Mattress When Sleeping In A Tent Cot?

Although sleeping pads give you a more comfortable sleep, they are not necessary. You can use a sleeping pad with your cot tent when you go camping in winter. This would provide plenty of insulation, preventing the cold from getting to you.

Are They Hard To Carry?

Tent cots can be hard to carry, given their strong build and materials that support your weight when you put up the tent. However, there are lightweight cot tents that you can carry with you. There seems to suit bags making it convenient to carry them to your destination. However, carrying these cot tents for a long distance can be quite a challenge.

Are Cots Good For The Cold Weather?

Cots aren’t ideal for cold weather. The airspace underneath can get considerably cold, taking away heat from your body. But you have the option of using sleeping pads to make up for it.

You can place the sleeping pad on top of the cot or extend the sheet from the sleeping space to the ground. Well, it’s a bonus if your cot tent comes along with a sleeping pad.

How Stable Are Cots?

Tent cots are pretty stable. However, their stability depends on certain factors, such as the material. High-quality aluminum, stainless steel are good options for cot materials. Even cots with wider legs are stable.

Is It Necessary To Use The Tent And Cot Together?

While you are given the option of using them both together, it is not necessary. You have designs that let you detach the cot from the tent. Some even allow you to use the cot as chair or in the form of a bed.

Can The Tent Cot Be Used For Multiple Functions?

Yes, the tent is used for multiple purposes. Many brands have designed their cots to be multi-functional. You can use them as chairs or loungers. Some cots are even convertible to a traditional tent by just removing the frame.


With so many available options, we’re sure you have made up a decision. You now know what suits you best, and you also have the list of the factors to consider while buying the best camping cot tent.

Besides the ones mentioned in this guide, there are more in the market. Make sure to do your research and opt for the one that best serves your camping or other tent purposes along with the set budget.

Happy Camping!


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