5 Best Backpacking Lanterns

Whenever we go hiking or traveling to camp somewhere, we always need a source of light. In such a scenario, you probably need a lantern, which can be placed in a backpack. Through this, it would be way easier for you to move the lantern around with you. 

Researchers say that through solar backpack lanterns, the dependency on traditional energy would considerably reduce. So if you are thinking of buying a good backpack lantern, we have attempted to save you from this problem. We have researched some of the best ones in the market for you. So let’s have a look at our list.

Best Choice


Black Diamond Battery Powered Lantern

  • Excellent Glow
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Strobe mode

Premium Choice


Streamlight 44931 Alkaline Compact Lantern

  • Multiple Colors
  • Replaceable battery 
  • 360 rotatable

Best in Budget


Coleman 390 LED Lumen Lantern

  • Water Resistant
  • Customizable Brightness
  • Excessive glow

Best Backpacking Lanterns Reviews

We have listed the top 5 backpacking lanterns that you can get your hands on right now.

1. Black Diamond Battery Powered Lantern


  • It has long battery timing
  • Fast charging of battery and rechargeable
  • The highly radiant throw of the light
  • Highly smart design


  • No solar charging mechanism
  • The synthetic material of which it is made up of gets heated up quickly

If you look a few years back when people used to go camping, their first concern was the source of electricity in their camps. Due to this problem, many avoided going camping. But those days are long gone as the Black Diamond has provided us with a classy lantern as a replacement. 

This lantern is not temporary; rather, it has a sustainable source of energy. The reason is that this lantern is designed with the inclusion of new technology like the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This battery has 2600 mAh hour capacity meaning that you can easily sleep the whole night while the lantern will shine till morning. 

More to the specialties of this lantern, it has a total of 250 lumens that, upon full power, glow brightly over the night. This LED quad power lantern will make your camping much more exciting and full of joy. You won’t need to worry about the light in the night anymore. 

In addition to this, you also need a source of charging for your electronic devices. The USB ports allow you to connect your devices, and you can charge your smartphones and other devices as well. 


  • Rechargeable battery: Charge the battery again for reusing it while camping.
  • Excellent Glow: The 250 LED lumens glow the entire being.
  • Strobe mode: Through this mode, you can vary the power of the battery. 
  • USB ports: You can charge your electronic gadgets as well.

Expert Reviews

The need for a rechargeable lantern and their demand in the market has increased. The probable reason is the increase in camping. This rechargeable LED lantern is one of the finest designed products and is number 1 on our list owing to its multi-facet features.

2. Streamlight 44931 Alkaline Compact Lantern


  • It is 360 rotatable 
  • It is resistant to water
  • The 540 lumen provides excellent glow
  • Emergency system save battery


  • No rechargeable battery
  • No USB ports for charging items

Many people who have shifted towards using lanterns while camping often complained about multiple problems associated with them. Some complaints about the battery, but this one here is above this complaint. The reason is that it has 3 ‘D’ cell-based alkaline batteries. These batteries have higher power and are also replaceable. So even if you run out of cell, you can replace it.

Some complaints about the glow of the lantern are also tackled by this classy lantern as it has 540 lumens. This makes the glow similar to like a room. You would never realize that you are sitting in a camp or a room. Moreover, the night mode allows you to turn the emergency mode on, which is a battery saver.

There is also a transition of colors in this lantern. You can change the color of the LEDs as you wish. Another characteristic of this product is the water resistance and even floats over the water. It is also resistant to any impact, making it a highly durable backpack lantern. You can also hang the lantern owing to the D rings that are at its top and bottom. 


  • Hang able: You can hang this lantern in the camp through the  D-rings.
  • Replaceable battery: If the cells run out of power, they can be replaced by the new ones
  • Multiple Colors: The LED colors are interchangeable.
  • Floatable: It can float over the water
  • Impact resistance: It is tested to be impact resistant

Expert Reviews

This lantern is our highest-rated product. Depending upon your need for camping, this lantern can be an excellent partner. The replaceable battery and night mode are sustainable methods for long nights. Moreover, the resistance to water and impact is one of the features limited to only this one.

3. Coleman 390 LED Lumen Lantern


  • High battery timing
  • Replaceable battery cells make it sustainable
  • Ideal for camping as it is waterproof


  • Non-rechargeable battery makes it less reliable
  • It is less resistant to impact

Another one on the list is the latest Coleman lantern that’s going to be your best partner during camping.  It has an adjustable brightness mechanism that changes the glow of the lantern. In case you feel that the battery’s power might run out, simply low its power. So what more can you wish for? 

Another feature of this lantern is the distance that it covers over high and low bright lumen. At 390 bright lumen, its glow ranges almost 9.75 m, meaning that you can glow two camps together. At 100 low lumen, its range is 5.75 m meaning that it is still a high glow for one camp. 

You can feel free from the stress that it might run out of power. Its battery can work for consecutive days. It can run almost 85 hours on full bright lumen and over low settings. Its run time is almost 299 hours which even a highly expensive smartphone cannot provide either. 

Moving towards the specification of its battery, it has eight separate D cells, which are also replaceable. You can buy additional cells, and for a tour of one week, you need an extra 4 cells at most. So you can call this lantern your best partner. 


  • Excessive Battery: It has eight D cells which have run time up to days
  • Excessive glow: the 390 bright lumens can provide light for two camps
  • Water Resistant: In case of rain, no worries as it is water-resistant
  • Customizable Brightness: You can vary the brightness of the lamp

Expert Reviews

To sum up, it is one of the best budget products on our list. It has one of the best glow and customizable brightness, making it highly efficient for tours. Moreover, it is cost-effective, so you don’t need to put in extra money.

4. Black Diamond Small Moji Glowing Lantern


  • You can pick the light color of your own choice
  • Highly resistant to water
  • Small in size and light in weight


  • It has a week body

Forgoing on tour, especially camping, you cannot always take a lantern with more weight, and you have to leave it. You need a lantern with less weight and good battery timing making it sustainable and ideal for your tip.

This lantern here is the most common and simplistic lantern that is available in the market right now. First of all, this lantern is highly cost-effective, and it is available in multiple colors. So pick the one you like the most.

It has 3 AAA batteries which make it a sustainable partner for camping. Moreover, the adjustable dimming of the lantern is another feature that can be used for reducing the stress over the battery and making it last longer. The 100 lumens LED emit enough light to make your camping wonderful.

You can hook this lantern through the hanging loop to light up the camp. Moreover, you need to worry about rain or water submersion as it is resistant to water, making this lantern a sustainable partner for your adventurous trip. 


  • Lightweight:  It is light in weight, so that you can carry it around
  • Moderate Glow: The 100 lumen is enough to lighten up the camp
  • Size: It has a small size making it easy to backpack
  • Battery: The AAA 3 batteries are good enough to pass the night

Expert Reviews

This lantern is mediocre, but it is a handful of the product due to its smart and reasonable size. Moreover, it can have less weight making it reasonable and useful during camping. So for beginners, this lantern is recommended.

5. Goal Zero Sustainable Solar Power


  • Highly sustainable for camps
  • Electronic devices can be charged 
  • Highly cost-effective


  • It cannot emit light

So far, the only problem that remains constant for all of the lanterns is the source of their power. Some of the lanterns are rechargeable, but where to find their charging place in the first place? Others have replaceable cells, but how long and how much are you going to buy?

This solar power-based panel is here to save the day and relieve you from the stress of power sources. This one here can be charged through solar energy. You just need to place it at an angle inclined towards the sun, and it will keep on charging.

You can charge your smartphones and even lanterns through this panel. This 5w based solar panel is like a power bank, but it can easily lighten up your panels throughout the night. Now, this is what we call a sustainable and long-term partner. 


  • Sustainable: It is solar-powered so that it can be recharged
  • USB: You can connect devices to recharge them
  • Size: Small in size for carrying around

Expert Reviews

If you decide on going on a long trip, you need a device based on solar power. This device can be charged daily, and at night it will charge your other devices. Then, you just need to expose it to sunlight and end the story.

Buying Guide- Things to Consider While Buying

Whenever you ought to buy a product, you need to have a list of checks. These checks determine whether the product is worth buying or there is some other replacement. In the case of lanterns, you need to look at some of the following factors as they matter the most in this regard.

  • Lumen Intensity

There is no purpose if it does not have a suitable glow to light up your surroundings. So you need first to make sure that the lantern you are going to buy must have a suitable light that it can emit. Just check the details and description of the product, and from there, you can check its lumen intensity. Normally a 200 plus lumen intensity is considered a good one.

  • Power Source

Another thing to look at before buying is the source of the power of the lantern. This is one of the most important factors. A rechargeable lantern is a good one as you can charge it anywhere. However, if a lantern requires changing batteries, then that could be a problem. Overall, a solar power-based lantern is said to be most suitable for camping. 


  • Water Resistance

A good lantern is usually water-resistant. You might be thinking about why water resistance is important? The reason is that during traveling or camping, the rain is most stressful. In such a time, you need a light-emitting device that doesn’t power out if exposed to rain. So you can check the product description or call their service center to know about its water resistance capability. 

  • Cost

Another factor to see before buying a lantern is the cost of the lantern. You might buy a lantern that is overly costly and doesn’t have good features. You need to plan out your trip and then decide the cost you will allocate to the lantern.


  • What is a suitable lumen range for a lantern? 

There are multiple lanterns in the market. On average, the lumen range starts from 40 and goes on. However, depending upon the application of the lantern, a good lumen would be from 200 to 500. This lumen is more than enough for camping and is also most suitable for beginners. 

  • Is 100 lumen enough for camping?

If you are considering passing a single night, then yes. 100 lumen is good enough for single-night camping. However, it is less for a bigger camp or where you require more intensity. Typically, it is preferred if the lumen is above 200. 

  • How long are camping lanterns long?

The timing of a camping lantern depends upon its battery. On an average basis, a camping lantern could work from 5 to 10 hours. This timing is good, but a camping lantern with a sustainable battery can work up to several days if used efficiently. 

  • How long do gas lanterns last?

The gas lanterns are previous to light lanterns. This depends upon the tank of the lantern as how much gas it can store. On common grounds, a gas lantern can work for almost 6 hours. On the other hand, the light lanterns are usually more cost-effective and are also sustainable in use.


The market for camping lanterns is wide, and you would never be able to reach the right decision. It is better to look for the application and decide the type you want. A good rechargeable lantern with better battery timing and cost-effectiveness as well would be the right choice. I hope this guide will have helped you in reaching the right decision.

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